Zwift Companion and Apple Health Kit

Yes. Zwift on Apple TV, companion app on my iPhone, and the HR is the Apple Watch. I deleted the Zwift App from my Apple Watch and solely use the Companion App on my watch for HR. The only issue I have is that sometimes (once a week), the Apple Watch disconnects after. Generally reconnects. That alone is frustrating.

On what I do:

I usually reboot my Apple Watch and iPhone before I go to the hell cabin to ride. Then:

  1. Start Companion App on my iPhone.
  2. Wake up my trainer.
  3. Start Zwift on the Apple TV.
  4. Pairing is Automatic. As well, the Companion App on the watch automatically opens (I don’t click the app on the watch).
  5. I unpair the watch, wait five seconds and then pair it. Trainer is paired.
  6. I start my ride.

That’s all. If, by chance, signal drops on the watch, I exit to the clock face, then go back to the Companion App. Generally, if it fails, it’s within the first five minutes of my ride, and it comes back. Very strange that it’s only the beginning of the rides.

Let me know if I can help out in any other way.


For me it used to work exactly the same way. However last year after switching to a new phone it is impossible to set it up again. Other apps such as Strava have the option to connect (or disconnect/reconnect) to apple health kit. This option is not in the companion app though. I Really think that it should just be a couple lines of code to make a button to set up Apple health again.

So this doesn’t appear for you in the Health Settings?

It does look like it is doing active energy. Not sure if that’s new. But you’re still not showing your health app screen shot of “Cycling Distance” that I see. That’s kind of my point from the beginning it’s all there, it’s just not “written” to the cycling distance portion. So when you do Health App → Cycling Distance → (not there) → Data Sources and Access (it has Zwift, but no companion app)
Do you have something different under the “Cycling Distance”?


On my iPhone 11 Pro Max under the system Settings>Health>Data Access & Devices the Companion app doesn’t even show up as an option to select so I can’t get to a screen like the one you showed in your post. This is very odd…

That is. Maybe delete the app, reboot your iPhone and reinstall Companion app. It should ask for permissions again. Distance is written for me. In settings, health, Companion, Data, Workouts, I have all my workouts. When I tap one, I get this:


Scrolled down (distance):

Deleted Companion, reboot, reinstalled Companion no luck. Doesnt show up as data source option.

Companion does show op in health settings, but not the settings you have, and no data.
Tried uninstalling and everything as well.


If I recall correctly, I wasn’t prompted for permissions right away, but once I started my first ride then it popped up. Zwift really needs to add a dedicated connection area to manage this as it appears many people are having difficulty with being prompted in the first place.

Yes, distance is captured as part of the “workout” but not written to the “cycling distance” data element that Brad is looking for given he doesn’t use Strava or any 3rd party product to keep a running total of his cycling miles. Bottom line the way I see it - the Zwift Companion app is not currently programmed to write to this data element in Health and is not a bug; just a feature request.

Mine looked just like this in Settings and obviously no option to select anything to get sync’d to Health. After uninstalling, rebooting, and reinstalling Companion now this doesn’t show up. Companion doesn’t show up at all.

And for what is worth, I use the Apple Watch for nothing. Just iPhone to Apple TV and Companion on iPhone.

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Got it. Just pulled up Cycling Distance in the Health App and saw that Zwift can write to it but not Companion. There are a handful of Zwift rides when I didn’t use the Companion App. Feature request is right.

Added a topic under feature request.

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I don’t get any options, just the Data drill down, and it’s empty, even though I have done hundreds of rides on the Companion app. I’m on an iPhone 7.

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I uninstalled and reinstalled Companion, then saved a ride. No prompt for permissions, Health data source options still blank.

The interesting thing is that after reinstalling Companion, the Companion app is not available as a data source for Health until after you save a ride. Then it appears in the list, despite the fact that it has no options or data. So it seems that there is some support for Health connectivity, but it’s not working for many/most of us. Maybe it would be good to report this as a bug instead of a feature request.


Rode today, still no companion app and health kit comparability.

After having trouble syncing myself I found a solution that seems to work. Not sure if this will help you Brad, alas it may help someone else.

  • Tickr connected to Apple Watch
  • Kickr and cadence connected to iPad
  • Apple Watch connected to iPad
  • Zwift on iPad
  • Companion on iPhone

Seems that the issue with syncing lies with:

  • AppleTV and companion or AppleTV alone.
  • Riding with Zwift on iPhone alone

The only way I was able to get round these issues was to use an iPad in the mix.

I use iPad as you describe, however, Companion app has no data as others indicate. With no Health App on the iPad Zwift can’t send data directly to Health.

I have the same problem. After deleting the companion app and reinstalled it, there is no possiblitiy to get permission for the health data. And the companion app isn’t shown in the health app

Totally agree with everyone here. I have gone to the other thread and voted for that enhancement/fix. For me it makes total sense that with the Companion app would be able to upload to Health data. So annoying. I’m in the process of removing the Companion app and updating my iPhone. Based on what I see here I don’t hold any hope, but will report back if I have any success.

For what it’s worth, here’s my setup.

Zwift running on MacBook with 43 inch monitor
iPhone with Companion app
Wahoo TICKR X HR monitor

I have an Apple Watch but it’s not in the mix. I do have a small work around, which is to use my Apple Watch and record an Indoor Ride in the Workout app. This at least captures some of the data. The rest of the data uploads to Strava. Far from ideal but it is a workaround.