Apple TV, Companion, HealthKit

When using an Apple TV to run Zwift, the Companion app is not syncing with HealthKit, therefore it is unable to log activity. However, it works most of the time when running Zwift through your iPad or iPhone.

This has been a widely know issue for quite some time now. Can we please get some momentum behind resolving this issue? It’s killing the experience! If it’s not going to work, don’t use it in your marketing material.

Yeah, would love to see this get fixed!


Yes, please implement this. Should be fairly easy right?

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Not working for me, while running zwift on windows. And the companion app on iPhone. It used to work over a year ago but since a year already no luck. Pleas fix!

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Please fix this issue. I used to use Strava as an intermediary (i.e. sending the data to Strava and then Strava writing to Health app). But Strava updated their iPhone app on Feb 13, 2020 and now it writes only natively recorded workouts to Health.

Given that, I have no way of getting my Zwift data to Health unless I change my set up (Zwift on Windows with Ant+ receivers and Zwift Companion on iPhone) :weary:

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I’ve spent days puzzling over this! Yes as James says, Strava used to work as an intermediary but now no longer sends cycling data. I’ll log a ticket with them (although I don’t expect much as I’m only a free memebr).
I can see that the Companion app will sync Running & Walking, but not Cycling!

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Same issue here, once this is dialed in it will be the ultimate setup but it looks as if the team at Zwift have their work cut out for them.

Please fix as well. the iphone Zwift app shows up in health data, but the companion app does not. I want to continue to use an apple TV for the Zwift app and my phone for the companion app

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Me too - Apple TV bug.

I’m using an iPad to run Zwift. On my iPhone I have ZC app, but it does not show up in my list of apps that have requested access to health data. As such, I have to manually enter ride data into the health app. Please fix the ZC to show as a Health App choice.

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i am also hoping that ZC can sync to apple health.
Please get this on your kanban board!


Also experiencing this issue - would love to see it addressed such that Zwift rides done using the AppleTV write to my health app.