Zwift Companion activity not syncing to Apple Health

How do you connect the Apple Watch to the TICKR?

On the watch, in Settings (General), there’s a bluetooth item. The TICKR (while being worn) should show up there. Click to connect. It sometimes has trouble connecting, but I find that to be a TICKR issue in general. Not sure I have seen it drop in the past.

Once you’re connected, I simply open up the companion app on the phone. Then on the PC, all the connections flow to the PC via the phone (which is connected to the Apple watch already), but I do sometimes have to “forget” and select again the watch from the PC in order to get the HR to actually register (you can see the “–” on the companion app at that point on the watch).

So…finicky sometimes, but generally workable. I, too, stopped using the watch itself, given the drops showing up in Zwift when riding.

@Mark_Mowrey Thanks for the info and I just went downstairs and got my TICKR paired to the watch. I do have some questions.

  1. When you’re done with a ride to you just remove the TICKR or do you have to do anything on the watch?

  2. If I want to do the elliptical or lift weights using the watch’s HR (not the TICKR) can I just start a workout on the watch and it will use its sensor?

No problem. Happy to provide what seems to have worked for me.

re: 1) I simply take of the HR belt. The watch seems quickly to switch back to it own optical register once the TICKR stops trying to connect (or I walk far enough away)
re: 2) The watch seems not to automatically pick up the TICKR. Not sure why (and I could be wrong about this), but I seem always to have to go to the watch settings before it registers the TICKR. So long as you are not wearing the TICKR, I imagine, the watch should revert to its optical sensor. At least that seems to be what happens for me.

Well setup earlier yesterday went just fine but when it was time to ride no luck. I put on the HR strap and went into the watch BT settings and it showed connected :+1: Fired up the Zwift companion app which also opened on the watch and no HR would show. Zwift on Apple TV said it was connected, so I unpaired, and re-paired and again it said connected but no HR showing on the watch :-1:

Finally gave up going that route, unpaired the HR strap on the watch and paired it using Zwift on the Apple TV and of course HR worked perfectly throughout the ride. When done I went into Strava to export to Apple Health and apparently the only way to do this is set it to automatic which I don’t want otherwise I’ll have duplicates for outdoors rides, elliptical, hiking, etc. I only want Strava to export indoor rides since Zwift doesn’t do it correctly.

Thought I had a good work-around yesterday but apparently not.

@Mark_Mowrey OK I’m going to give it another shot this evening for my Ramp FTP test. One thing is previously I would connect the KICKR CORE to the Apple TV instead of through the Companion app. I just did a test connecting everything to the Companion app and nothing to the Apple TV and everything was happy,

One thing different is when connecting the KICKR to the Apple TV, is once I selected the KICKR it automatically detected it could do power, speed, and cadence. When doing it through the Companion app I had to select the KICKR for all three connections.

Tonight I’m going to following these steps:

  1. Put on the TICKR and make sure it’s connected in my watch BT settings.
  2. Put on my BT headphones and start some music, because who can ride on a trainer without some tunes?
  3. Start the companion app.
  4. Start Zwift on the Apple TV and hopefully everything connects.

Hoping that connecting everything through the companion app will work!

Did that last description of steps work? I am having the same problem. Even though my Zwift activity shows up in the iPhone activity app, with active calories listed, only the minutes get included in the “rings”, not the active calories.

Connecting the TICKR to the Apple Watch works and I get everything in Apple Health that I should but found something else out. In May Zwift changed it so you have to connect everything either to the Apple TV or to the Companion app, and once I connected everything through the Companion app, everything seemed to work better. Previously I had my KICKR connect to the Apple TV and Watch connected to the Companion,

Thanks, but none of this has worked for me. I have a Garmin BLE HRM strap though. I tried connecting it to my watch, but it never showed up on my PC, which I have set to use the Companion app on my iPhone. Thus, I have all devices connected to the Companion app on my iPhone, and the activity’s active calories never gets into the workout ring. Oh well, I guess I will just start an Indoor Cycling activity every time I run Zwift.

Well I just a ride tonight and 20 minutes in the companion app dropped my TICKR HR sensor which was connected to my Apple Watch. What a pain in the butt this has been just to get Zwift to write HR data to Apple Health! Every other app can do this but with Zwift it’s 27 steps and no guarantee.

Last winter I used my Apple Watch with the companion app and not any problems. This year nothing but problems trying to use my Apple Watch or TICKR.

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Hi So been trying to connect my Apple Watch,With no luck, But finally found out how to do it,So on pair devices, Disconnect all devices then in top left corner click pair with Zwift companion, once that’s done then connect Apple Watch and power source all should work, one thing to note if you click workout on Apple Watch Zwift will not measure hr thanks

That’s what I’ve done in the past and last year it worked great but this year it sometimes works, and if it does work, sometimes drops in the middle of a ride. Is yours working every ride?

I’m in the same boat. I’ve got Zwift running on my macbook, the Zwift companion on my iPhone and my Apple Watch on. The zwift app on my MacBook can connect to my Apple Watch as a heart rate monitor as long as the Zwift companion app is open on my phone, but the heart rate perpetually reads “—“ even though Apple’s heart rate monitor will give me an actual read. Also my zwift Watch app says “not connected” even though the zwift app on the computer says it’s connected.

Then, although the workout is saved in my fitness app, and my exercise ring advances properly, my move ring doesn’t budge. It seems the workout doesn’t contribute to the calories burned in my health data.

All in all, this is stupidly complicated. All I want is for zwift to sync properly with the devices it’s connected to. Shouldn’t this be more user friendly? It makes me question my subscription. I reached out to their customer service and they pointed me to their user unfriendly page about Apple watches which didn’t even work.

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Exactly! It takes enough time getting ready to ride putting on cycling shorts, shoes, etc. and the last thing you want to do is troubleshoot Zwift after getting on the bike!

It shouldn’t matter if I use the Apple Watch or a chest strap for HR - write all the same data to Apple Health! The Wahoo companion app does this with a chest strap so it can be done.

Two things here have worked for me. First. I always unpair the apple watch when I light up the app on the PC. Then I select the apple watch again from the HRM menu. I wait until I see the HR on the watch and then go.

Also (because this happened this week during a race), if the HRM on the watch fails (when having been paired with the chest strap or not), it worked for me to close out of the app on the watch and open it back up again (button on the side, not the crown, and swipe left on the app). It picked up where it left off without having to go to the pairing team. This even though i chucked the chest strap in the meantime because I thought it might have been the cause.

Hopefully some of those workarounds might work for you all.

I just am now moving to indoor riding season using Zwift and I’m so bummed out to see these issues are still here from last season. I want to ride, using hr strap of choice, then sync to Apple Health so that my Apple Watch rings close and so I can track all my workouts in the Apple fitness app. I usually use Zwift on my iPad. I guess I will continue to use the Strava workaround by sending the Zwift ride to Strava, then to Apple health from there. Seems like the least amount of hassle.

Is there a way to have Strava only send indoor cycling activities to Apple health? I publish hiking, walking, elliptical, outdoor cycling, and indoor cycling all to Strava and would only want Strava to only send indoor cycling to Apple health?

I have used the Strava app to manually send to health. I think it’s all or none for automatic settings.

Two days ago it took me 10 minutes to finally get my Apple Watch using external TICKR HR sensor to pair with Zwift and 10 seconds into my ride it dropped it! I started an Indoor Cycle activity on my Apple Watch and it worked just fine.

For yesterday’s ride I DELETED the Zwift companion app off my Apple Watch and had a completely trouble-free ride! Here is what I did:

  1. DELETE the Zwift Companion App off your watch - it does nothing but causes problems.
  2. Don’t open the Zwift CA on your iPhone.
  3. Open Zwift on the Apple TV and go to the pairing screen.
  4. Pair your KICKR CORE and Wahoo TICKR to the Apple TV and NOT the Zwift CA.
  5. Start ride on Zwift and also Indoor Cycle on your Apple Watch and enjoy seeing a heart while riding! You can now open the Zwift CA on your iPhone.
  6. When done riding finish the Indoor Cycle on the watch.

Both the Zwift CA and Apple Watch wrote exercises and data to Apple Health but the good news is overlapping workouts don’t count as double for your rings. I actually deleted the Zwift workout when done and everything was good. I think next ride I’ll disable letting Zwift write workout to Apple Health.

The goods new with this is I have heart rate data in Strava and also get credit for closing my rings!

Reading through this thread it seems like the initial problem (connecting Apple Watch directly to ZC) hasn’t been fixed, merely a workaround using a 3rd party HR monitor?

I’ve been using Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone for 2 months. In the last week, the app has stopped reading my HR as soon as the watch app dims. (it unpairs) the only way to overcome this is to open Workout on the Apple Watch, open and immediately close a workout (walk for example) and then go back into the ZC app - to which it pairs immediately - until the screen dims again…

today, for the first time, I had EXACTLY the same issues as highlighted in the screen grabs above - it’s not happened before but… it’s ridiculously frustrating. The only thing I can see to do, as previously mentioned is use Strava as a go between…

I’ve followed all guidance in various threads; turn on Airplane mode, turn off wifi, connect in a certain manner when the wind blows in an easterly direction etc etc… A fix, would be great. Apple Watch to continuously register my HR on screen and then uploads to Apple Heath… Long rant just highlighting that this problem is still current.