Zwift Companion activity not syncing to Apple Health

This is 100% match to me. Apple Watch connection is terrible, so prefer using tickr but then I don’t get the move credits even though the activity registers. Not sure if it’s using the companion app but it’s not as though Apple and the companion app is a niche user requirement. Sort your lives out Zwift Devs, maybe peel back 1 of the 300 adverts and pay another dev.

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Same issue here. I was pairing my KICKR and Apple Watch 6 to the ZC app on my iPhone, then running Zwift on my Apple TV 4K. I got so frustrated with the connection issues of the Apple Watch that I bought a Wahoo TICKR. My first ride with the TICKR was amazing! Not a single HR dropout. I thought all was good and right in the world, until I finished my ride and realized only the exercise minutes were written back to the Apple Fitness app, not calories burned for the Move ring. So frustrating! Please, Zwift, get these issues figured out!!

I take back whatever I said about “most frustrating” apple wants me to re-buy watches with broken screens for the fix so done there. sticky draft is the enemy. I wasted too much time on this activity thing in apple watch (I’m the OP). I’ll get another apple watch sometime but ignore the metric.

This is disappointing. It’s astounding that an exercise app that costs $15/mo can’t reliably send data to what is likely the biggest fitness tracking product on the market right now and we have to use a 3rd party workaround. And, no, using my watch for HR isn’t a viable workaround; it’s not even remotely reliable compared to a chest HR strap.

Pedal harder, Zwift!

Coming back to this threat every now and then, surprised to see how long it takes to fix this :slight_smile:
Move it up a little in your development roadmap, would be highly appreciated by many user

Totally agree! Does Zwift read this threat? A year has past since this problem was mentioned here. I have a similar set up (iPhone with Companion app, MacBook with Zwift running on it, an Apple Watch and an external HR strap). I am sure that this is a common set up for many people. I wish we could get a proper solution than the workarounds suggested above!

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Same here: MacBookPro, IPhone 11pro and Apple Watch. Having no issues with this set up till Feb 21 and then the tekkie Hurricane kicks in. Bought new equipment like HR Strap, ant+ dongle and even a new trainer. But nothing worked to get the calories and heart rate in Fitness rings.
Calories are proper registered in other 3 rd party apps from this set up but not in Apple rings. Disgusting that these z guys are not able to help properly and only talked me in buying new equipment to “have it stable”. BS it is. I am really an unhappy zwifter

I too have struggled to get this to work since I joined Zwift. After many hours I did manage to get it to work by connecting my Zwift account to a free Garmin account and then have the Garmin account sync with Apple Health. And then some updates came along and it broke again.

If anyone from Zwift is reading this here is what I hope is a good description of the problem (it isn’t as simple as just a Zwift Companion sync issue).

The problem occurs for Apple Watch Owners:
The Apple Watch has 3 activity rings Stand, Move and Exercise. The watch automatically logs values to these when it is worn. The Activity App can be connected other sources in order to get better, more accurate, in depth readings. When another source is used the values for that time period override the values the watch itself records. This is a really nice feature as it allows you to use the best data you have available for a combined view of all of your activity.

If the Zwift app is used from the phone with a bluetooth pulse belt everything works as expected - Move (calories burned) and Exercise (minutes spent) are recorded in the Apple Activity App and the app shows a complete overview of the day.

However most peoples preferred setup is to run Zwift on some other device with a bigger screen! And in this scenario it does not work out of the box. It is really difficult (impossible?) to get this to work as it should.

Apple Activity needs data to be on the phone to be able to include it in the figures. For those not using the phone app, this can come from either of 2 routes - it can come from the .fit file that is uploaded to the connected partners and then back to an app on the phone or it could come from the Companion App.

I could not get the sync from the companion app to work (pulse belt vs pulse from watch) - also don’t think this is the best route as it is an added complication. I would like this to work both when I am using the optional companion app or am not using it. So I have gone down the route of using the .fit file

It appears that there is a problem with the .fit file produced by the Zwift app - .fit files produced by other apps such as Polar Beat show correctly in Apple Activity but those that come from Zwift (via some other route) do not work properly.

I hope some effort can be made to fix this.


i found the opposite my chest straps were dying mid ride.possibly due to sweat?
i changed to a polar optical him which now works well
I’ve never had any luck connecting the apple watch him

I am having the same issue of the data not writing to apple health. Zwift, this is an issue I would think needs attention fast! Please any help with out major work around is appreciated!!

Exact same issue here. It’s July 2021 and this still exists. In recent history I was able to get the Apple Watch to work but it became unreliable and frustrating to pair to the point I resorted back to TICKR. This is an in and off relationship. Once you do that, as everyone else says in the thread, you lose HR and active calories in apple Health.

Come on Zwift. You’re drowning in monthly subscription cash. Get your act together. This has been an ongoing problem for years.

You must have a testing lab at headquarters with all this equipment. Run a bunch of scenarios, trail the logs and figure out why data is not passing. Something isn’t adhering to the interface agreements or protocols. Fix it!


I have the same issues with iOS 15.0.1 and WatchOS 8.0.

The Watch becomes unpaired from the Companion App as soon as the screen dims due to loss of focus. Unless this is fixed it will not work as a HR monitor…so I use a strap instead.

The Companion App writes out calorie data to iOS Health and iOS Activity. Oddly it seems to correctly receive “Active Calories” data but it does not count it toward “Move” goals.

Seems a shame that both of these are mostly implemented but fatally flawed.

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Yup, Strava used to be the workaround to carry over active calories to Apple Move Ring. These latest updates have proven to disable that feature. This means that neither Zwift, Strava, or Garmin can influence the move ring. I just wish that there was an explanation. Clearly, Apple needs the HR to go through the watch for any active calories to be counted. More reasons to buy a watch I suppose…

Pro Tip - I use my BT chest strap (Tickr) to connect to both my watch and to Apple TV at the same time and that works fine. I run a separate exercise app (FitIV) to record the workout.

i have the same problem. When I start zwift on my laptop with the apple watch connected as HR sensor I get the training in my apple trainings app, bit it doesn‘t count to the activity ring :frowning:

Furthermore I do not get the heartrate diagram, only the mean value of the hr:

Hope this get fixed soon!

Today i updated my apple watch 6 to watchOS 8.3 (beta) and now everything is working fine! not sure if the update solved the problem or anything else :thinking:

Zwift Companion activity not syncing to Apple Health :-o

In fact I do have an Apple Watch, but I’d prefer to take it off and charge it while I am wearing a chest belt for HR monitoring…
Running Zwift on macOS with Companion on iOS, I’d like to get the data into Apple Health directly from the Companion app. But that does not happen…

Does it work for others? Should itwork with the current versions?
Of course it should, in principle, work in any case;-)