Zwift Companion activity not syncing to Apple Health

This is 100% match to me. Apple Watch connection is terrible, so prefer using tickr but then I don’t get the move credits even though the activity registers. Not sure if it’s using the companion app but it’s not as though Apple and the companion app is a niche user requirement. Sort your lives out Zwift Devs, maybe peel back 1 of the 300 adverts and pay another dev.

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Same issue here. I was pairing my KICKR and Apple Watch 6 to the ZC app on my iPhone, then running Zwift on my Apple TV 4K. I got so frustrated with the connection issues of the Apple Watch that I bought a Wahoo TICKR. My first ride with the TICKR was amazing! Not a single HR dropout. I thought all was good and right in the world, until I finished my ride and realized only the exercise minutes were written back to the Apple Fitness app, not calories burned for the Move ring. So frustrating! Please, Zwift, get these issues figured out!!

I take back whatever I said about “most frustrating” apple wants me to re-buy watches with broken screens for the fix so done there. sticky draft is the enemy. I wasted too much time on this activity thing in apple watch (I’m the OP). I’ll get another apple watch sometime but ignore the metric.

This is disappointing. It’s astounding that an exercise app that costs $15/mo can’t reliably send data to what is likely the biggest fitness tracking product on the market right now and we have to use a 3rd party workaround. And, no, using my watch for HR isn’t a viable workaround; it’s not even remotely reliable compared to a chest HR strap.

Pedal harder, Zwift!