Deep Apple Health integration

Hi Zwift team,

As Strava has decided that workouts originating from third-party devices our services are no longer synced to Apple Health, I think there’s a real opportunity to improve Zwift’s integration with Apple Health. This is currently limited through the Companion app, but e.g. measurements from a chest HRM are not synced. All current Strava sync users will greatly appreciate it.

Agreed! My Zwift rides yesterday and today only report into Apple Health as workouts but not ‘activity’.

A crazy move by Strava


Stupid. I vote we boycott Strava for the strong arm tactics


I look forward to Apple Health updating directly from Zwift! I appreciate the logging on Strava and notice my omission in Health after yesterday’s ride. For now, I’ll be logging Indoor Cycling with my Apple Watch.


Agreed, absurd move by Strava. Will be cancelling my subscription in protest!

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This is a base function that Zwift should have had directly for a long time now. I agree that it is irritating that Strava pulled the rug out without notice or even notification, but the bottom line is that we shouldn’t have had to use them as an intermediary to get workouts from a paid service like Zwift to sync to Apple Health to begin with. The issue needs to be resolved by Zwift directly rather than all of us having to try and find a workaround solution to get our workouts from Zwift to show up in AH. The suggestion to pair your Apple Watch with Zwift is not a real solution since the HR data from the watch is spotty and most of us use chest or arm straps with Zwift to get accurate data during our rides.


Zwift is happily reporting Workouts so you’d think it would be a small enough change for it to also report the Active Energy so that Zwift rides count towards Activity Rings in Apple Health