Apple Health not getting HR data from companion

I am using an Apple TV and Companion app for zwift. During the ride its picking up my HR data fine but when it saves to apple health it says chart unavailable. When I look at the ride in strava it shows the heart rate data just fine. Does anyone have a solution or something I should check?

I’m not sure my situation is the same, I mentioned this on a different post, but there’s something wrong between the health app and the strava app’s sync relating to calories and HR, or in the way the health app reads the data. When I was primarily using the apple watch for HR via the companion app I would see HR data show properly in Apple Health, the issue was the Apple Watch is not formally supported by Zwift and often dropped out, so I bought a different HR monitor that works consistently.

Now, what I see is HR data shows up in strava, and the HR data also shows in the “activity” that is on the watch, but the HR and calories on the watch do not update, so it is as though I didn’t do the activity from the perspective of the red ring on the watch.

The odd thing for me is the data is there in the activity on the watch, it doesn’t get picked up on the summary page for apple health. If I want to have my workout calories count to the red ring on the watch I need to start a separate indoor bike activity in addition to the one being tracked by Zwift and just not import that to strava.