ZC does not transfer HR to Apple Health

Hi! I am using a Wahoo Tickr connected to an Apple TV for Zwift. It did get my HeartRate correctly and I can see everything in ZC. However, ZC did not transfer my HeartRate to Apple Health so all my calories does not count and my calories ring are still as it was before the training. When looking at the training in Apple Health, it gives me all data but the Heart Rate Graphic show Graphic not available. Any ides of what can cause the issue? Since all the HR data is in ZC, I think it’s just a bug in the transfer between ZC and Apple Health?

No problems with transfer (or manual upload) to Strava and TrainingPeaks here, that means for me the fit files from Zwift are OK - Apple issue?

Did you fix this? My issue is that when using the wahoo tikr, Apple health does not receive any heart rate data from zwift. I also have an Apple Watch. When using the watch with zwift the HR data does transfer.

Maybe an Apple limitation to get people to use the watch for HR data?

Reading through various forums/articles, this seems to be a long-standing integration issue between ZC and Apple Health/Activity app wherein HR (and Active Calorie) data isnt transferred. Potential workaround is to stop ZC writing to Apple Health/Activity directly but instead write to Strava (which you may already be doing) and then have Strava write data to Apple Health/Activity (this, however, isnt ideal as can lead to duplications in Apple Health/Activity for any workouts recorded using Apple Watch - and potentially other devices depending on your settings).

As for using the Apple Watch as your HR monitor for Zwift, cant speak to whether this addresses the issue but have tried this in the past and was sketchy (with frequent drop outs - but may have improved since) and there is also an issue where the ZC app on the watch does close and then decimates your Watch battery.

Yeah heart rate data isn’t transferred from ZC unless using the Apple Watch as a HR monitor. That’s what I am doing at the moment, but as you mentioned it is really poor connection and sometimes doesn’t work at all, so it hasn’t got better.

I tried doing what you said, using the TIKR chest strap on zwift (and not using the watch at all) and integrating via strava and then to Apple health. The ZC heart rate data from the TIKR makes it to Strava, but then does not go from Strava to Apple Health.

Is apple being apple and making things difficult again?

I can’t speak to the underlying issue (i.e. whether its an Apple or Zwift issue) but the below previous thread may be of use

Also, if you are having issues with all the necessary data writing from Strava, maybe this will help?

Thanks, I will give a go at using the tikr directly connected to the watch