Zwift companion is not writing cycling distance?

See below. Any ideas on why zwift companion app is not writing cycling distance?
I see other apps can do this like Strava, fitbit etc?

It does, but you expect, that it is compatible with Apple health, which obviously does not support Zwift, because it is “virtual sport” :grinning: As a quick fix, you could sync your Zwift tainings with Strava - but I am not sure if it would solve your problem, because I do not use Apple health at all.

Well as you can see it seems to support Zwift running distance, which I assume is also “virtual sport” ?

Sorry I have overlooked “Companion”, I thought the settings were related to one of the other apps you have mentioned. If the other parameters are properly transfered by the Compainion app, at first sight it looks like a bug to me.
But another idea would be that the device you use for logging does not log the distance but your number of steps, which has to be converted into distance data first - or your device measures the distance via GPS, which does not work indoors with Zwift.
It would be interesting to check this with a trainer for cycling.

There have been a few posts on this subject over the years. Zwift haven’t fixed it yet.