Apple health app distance is syncing something crazy

So my Apple health app suggests I’ve cycled 90km today but on Zwift I literally did 21.5km. This also doesn’t show on my Apple Watch. I just want one place that all my data is together so steps, distance walked, activities (Zwift Indoor cycle) heart rate and so!

Hi @Danielle_Lewis welcome to Zwift forums

It would help us to know more particulars about your setup.

  1. What device are you using to run the Zwift game app?
  2. Which trainers / sensors are you pairing to the game?
  3. Are you using Zwift Companion in your setup?
  4. Are you using an Apple Watch as a heart rate monitor? < This step is important for Apple Health data to sync.

We have an article on our support hub that explains Apple Health data syncing.

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