Zwift Companion activity not syncing to Apple Health

This stopped working for me as well. I guess it’s an issue between strava and HealthKit. I hooked my phone up to my mac console app to record when strava should be syncing (opening first time after the ride), and there were some errors that showed up. Nothing revealing though. 3 of these in a row.

Connection to “” interrupted

Added Zwift to connection with Garmin Connect and got exercise results now showing in Apple Fitness app and Apple Watch. No move data being counted. Better than yesterday when nothing went through.

I sent an email to Garmin support and requested that they update the app to increment the Move calories in addition to syncing over the Active / Total calories.

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Jose, in order to use the export to Apple health you have to first pay for the swag bag. Once you do it’s awesome .

Best of luck Ride on !


Keep us updated on your response from Garmin please

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Did Zwift stop sending activities to Apple Health as well after this update? Non of my activities synced to Apple health since Friday.

Are you using strava? They updated the app and stopped that from working, there are a few threads on this

No, I’m aware of the Strava issue. Zwift itself used to sync to Apple health and now it doesn’t. Cycling active calories didn’t sync for some reason but the running did. Not nothing gets there.

Hi Zwift has never synced with Apple Health this was done by Strava but since latest update they have stopped this service. Garmin will sync exercise minutes only if you want move ring to update the only option now is to use an Apple Watch paired to companion app, manually add the workouts in Apple Health or to purchase RunGap App which will sync exercise and move minutes.

Article by DC Rainmaker on this:


Just came here to throw my two cents into the ring. I was wondering why my indoor cycling session didn’t make it to my Apple Watch on the weekend. Then this morning I saw DC Rainmaker’s blog post on this.

Realllly annoying Strava had to do this. I saw the RunGap solution posted above (thanks for doing the research and posting the steps), but as someone who already pays multiple subscriptions to these services/apps, I don’t want to pay for another JUST to write to Apple Health.

Zwift dev team, anyone looking into this?

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Keep us updated on your response from Garmin please

Will do. The DC Rainmaker article (linked by @Steve_Hammatt above) gave more details on what exactly they’re doing wrong.

See, let’s take Garmin. In their case, sure, they push an activity/workout to Apple Health. But they don’t do it properly. Instead, they nullify all the workout heart rate data and don’t correctly write ‘Active Calories’, which means users don’t get credit for rings or some health insurance programs. Yes, this is dumb of Garmin (and at one point actually did work briefly, at least a year ago, as I’ve got screenshots showing heart rate data from January 2021. But these inconsistencies are also kinda par for the course for many companies.

I’ve gone with the HealthFit solution, it’s manual as you have to download the fit file (from zwift) and import it to Healthfit but it avoids paying another subscription. Really annoyed with Strava for this, but it should just work from zwift directly. I hope they are looking into this.

Just came in here to say this is just wrong. But let’s be clear, the Zwift → Strava → Apple Health was always a kludge.

There is zero excuse for Zwift not writing data to Apple Health. Though Strava deserves a slap for having dropping this support without warning, let’s be clear this is fundamentally a Zwift problem.

Come on Zwift, fix this.


Or is this a Apple API issue, like Garmin that does not calculate training stress from 3rd party apps.

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If some tiny app like RunGap can write to their APIs that’s a pretty lame excuse for a company with a 9-digit valuation like Zwift.


Zwift is full of “lame” excuses for not addressing bugs, cheating etc

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Oddly enough my Zwift Runs have no problems, everything flows through as it always did, it’s only my Zwift Bike Rides that don’t flow through. Makes me think that the last update messed something up with the ride syncs to health.

Well… here is the answer. Published 3 hours ago.

I use Zwift on my MacBook, there are no health settings so Rides are not synced to Apple Health from there. However i could start the Zwift companion app once in a while to do the job. Will it sync the workouts to Apple Health?

Help me understand this. So I just finished a ride. I use Apple Watch as my HRM. Companion app pushes the ride to my activity rings but the active calorie burn doesn’t match up with my rings.

As you can see my ride burned 978 active calories. This is taken from the Fitness App.

But then my rings don’t match up? It’s off by more than 200. How is this even possible?