Game Update 1.23 - March 9th, 2022

Some screenshots here showing the frame rate difference in the same spot. Xeon holding 60fps (vsync) with ease as normal, i3 struggling big style. Never the case before.

Quite literally, day and night.


Just did TOW 2 today. Started but had to quit with trainer issue. Rejoined a few minutes later. Rider list only showed me all ride so really hard to try and ride with others also in the ride and stay together

Deleted - It’s not a Zwift thing.

This has only happened to me once before.

I hadn’t realised that the battery charge on my Siri remote had drained so low that it stopped working completely when I was on the Zwift menu screen and everything froze. Not knowing how to shut down and re-start Zwift (and not knowing the remote was the problem), I briefly switched my Apple TV box off and back on at the mains.

That fixed things at the time but when I next came to ride I had to input my login credentials and then discovered that the “your best” 5", 1’, 5’ and 20’ power numbers on the Zwift “Pause” screen had all been reset to zero. I questioned this with Zwift and they told me that these parameters are stored locally and not on some Zwift server so they couldn’t be returned to the original values.

Moral of the story; never switch off your Apple TV box at the mains! I’m also guessing that doing a reset (not a restart) via the ATV software might cause similar issues?

Zwift App crashes during Events (since 1.23 released)

A number of riders had problems with In-event Zwift App crashes in the last few days, a timing that appears to correspond with the Mar 9th update.

If you’ve also seen this, you can “vote for” and add details to the growing forum thread located here: Zwift App Crash shortly after Event starts [March 2022] [1.23.0]

Whether this problem is caused by the recent update or a separate problem, it’s an important one to fix quickly.


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Thanks for the response @Wes
Please keep in mind that this is a highly requested feature, hopefully this will be supported in one of the upcoming versions.

Nots sure that is a ToW thing. The rider list has been bad for months.

it gets confused quite often going through junctions it would be nice if this was looked at it can get very confusing when racing or trying to sweep riders that appear and disappear from the rider list

Update 1.23.1 - March 14th
We’ve released update 1.23.1 for all platforms. It contains the following fixes.

  • Fixed an issue causing some users to not get the correct amount of XP for Tour of Watopia 2022 events.
  • Enabled access to the remaining flexible training plan workouts in the on-demand workouts folder.

Whoa @Wes, whats up with your picture, you have a crash?

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OUCH :face_with_head_bandage:

“I Predict Pain”

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Yeah that’s a screen cap from a 360 camera that I was using when I crashed on a ride back in 2018. No broken bones, just road rash, busted helmet and a sore body for a few weeks.


Same! Any fix yet?

I’ve noticed over the last couple of weeks that when jumping between events and particularly from a Pace Partner ride to an event, Zwift has started crashing. I then restart Zwift and get the “last ride didn’t save correctly, do you want to resume” message. If I click Yes, it crashes again, so I click No and the previous ride does seem to save.

Sometimes even trying to join a pace partner is troublesome and I just get dumped at the Downtown banner in Watopia with no Coco or Bowie to be seen.

This is on ATV and I haven’t seen anyone else having the issue. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled etc. and it’s still happening weeks later.

Anyone else experiencing these issues?

I had big problems with a C Cadence ride on 12th March (posted here about it in the “Companion App Bluetooth pairing issues? [Android] [March 2022]” thread). I use Apple TV too, but I think my problems were related to the Companion app Bluetooth bridge I was trying to use.

My wife and I have used ATV for 2 years on Zwift with no crashes not sure if that’s just luck :joy:. Both ATV’s are connected by Ethernet and we always restart ATV prior to logging into Zwift we also pair directly to ATV rather than using Companion as a bridge.

No issues here. Make sure you’re force quitting the Zwift app after each session.

No need to power down the AppleTV.Sleep works fine. No need to uninstall and reinstall Zwift. I’ve never done either in 5yrs.

Manually update your Apple TvOS (new release today actually) and manually update the Zwift app ( also new release today).

Same setup. Fully wired, Bluetooth to ATV directly. It’s been stable for ages, but is just starting to be a pain now. Maybe I’ll raise a support ticket :rofl:

Yeah, I do all of that. Hadn’t seen the TVoS update today but I’ll do that anyway. More sure that it’s an app issue though. It’s very strange. I updated the Zwift App after my ride this morning but that’s the second update since I started having the problems so I don’t hold out much hope.

Same here, so long as I pair directly and don’t use the Companion app bridge. Pretty bullet-proof over the last 18 months (wi-fi connection).