Zwift Companion activity not syncing to Apple Health

Ah, yes – that must be correct. Sorry. RunGap will only write to Apple Health with a paid subscription.

I was SO annoyed with Strava and Zwift and with having to troubleshoot this, that I just clicked the button to pay the $3.99 for 3 months to see if it works.

I really appreciate that RG lets you do what no other app in this sector does: specifically activate a write to apple health. You don’t have to open the strava app, scroll, and hope that works, or open the strava app and edit your ride, hoping that triggers a write. To trigger the write you just tell it to share and it does it immediately – so no waiting for the calories to show up in activity.

Note: I have no affiliation with RunGap, but I did once develop my own iOS app, so I’m sympathetic to how much work small developers have to put into something like this. I also really appreciate that the RG developer didn’t set up renewing subscriptions. It’s a onetime payment of either $3.99 for 3 months or $10.99 for a year. Given what I pay for Zwift, that was well worth it to make this work.

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yes but like you said… you are already paying for Zwift and many including me are paying for
Strava, we shouldn’t have to pay for another subscription just to get data into Apple Health.


I agree completely, and if I were paying for Strava I’d be doubly pissed.

It’s annoying that Zwift never implemented writing to Apple Health properly. But Strava had it working fine for a very long time and they intentionally broke it. There’s absolutely no reason that a ride listed in Strava can’t write to apple health. It would be one thing if they prevented users like me from doing that (I don’t pay for strava), but to do it to paid subscribers it’s madness. Zwift could also sort this out fairly easily – just allow the ZCA to share all its info directly, either automatically or with the a click.

Also very annoyed that Strava changed their health integration settings recently.

Thanks so much for recommending RunGap! I also paid for 3 months to see if it works- seems to work fine for me too!

Just one more voice to the chorus. As of three days ago, rides in Zwift get posted to Strava, but the data don’t make their way to Apple Health. This is happening in both my wife’s account and mine.


If you have a Garmin Connect account and can sync Zwift there, you can have it send the data to Apple Health.

Everyone should submit feedback to Strava both on their support site as well as @stravasupport on Twitter. Maybe if they get some negative feedback they will reconsider. Particularly from Premium customers.


Anyone have success getting RunGap to synch recent activity? I’ve enabled Zwift and Strava sync to RunGap and I’ve tried a ton of different ways to sync to Health app. It is not syncing anything in Health after Nov 2020 so I can’t get any of my rides this past week to sync. I’ve tried resetting everything a few times, deleting all the RunGap access, disable/enable read/write, and doing it again but no luck. Just won’t get the more current data. Any help appreciated!!

RunGap will skip the import if it thinks there’s another activity already that matches. For me, I had to delete the other activities before RunGap would import them.

Aaron - thank you! I did try to manually create one of them directly in Apple Health to close the rings (but that didn’t work) so lost my streak. I’ll delete the manual entry and see if that helps.

I was able to get the two days to manually sync after deleting what I had created directly in Apple Health. Unfortunately, it did not result in closing the rings which is what I was hoping so I could keep that streak alive. Was not sure if it would retroactively close rings but appears not.

Yeah, it doesn’t seem to retroactively close the rings. However, I think it will close the rings if it’s imported on that day (it seems to have the calorie and move data attached). I’m still playing around with it so I guess I’ll see later if that’s the case.

But even my Strava-only rides aren’t syncing to apple health since Wednesday this week. I think something more wider is broken

Same experience for me since last Thursday (3-10-22).

I’ve been playing with RunGap more and I think the easiest solution is just to connect it to Strava as the only source and Health as the only destination. If you are like me and use Strava as the hub for everything (Garmin rides, Zwift, etc.) then this will provide a nice way to get all the data into Health. If you import it on that day (or maybe a few days) it seems to update the rings after a bit of a delay.

However, importing an event from several days ago did not affect the rings, so there must be some cutoff for updating that information in Apple Health.

I might actually prefer this as the only direct connection to Apple Health b/c it gives me more control and RunGap is smart enough to not create duplicates (unlike Garmin).

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Sounds like it’s Apple “giving the middle finger”. It’s the Apple HealthKit that changed.

HealthFit is another good app to sync Zwift data into Apple health. It’s a little extra work as you have to download the .FIT file from Zwift on the web then import that into HealthFit, I use iCloud to store the .fit files. It seems to be a great and updated app for all around Apple Health related data, also just a one time cost for the app. It also appears the data imported from the .fit file is more detailed than what Strava was passing over.
Still major bummer Strava took this away as I was also using it as my primary source for workout related data.
Maybe a bunch of one stars in the App Store will get some notice.


Added Zwift to connection with Garmin Connect and got exercise results now showing in Apple Fitness app and Apple Watch. No move data being counted. Better than yesterday when nothing went through.

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@James_McLean_Watt I have tried using Garmin today and the Exercise ring updated but not the move. I then manually added using “edit data” in apple health which did update but then undid it self as the priority order took over. At the moment the only way round this is to use your Apple Watch and record or just manually add the workout in apple health, although no HR graph/map will be there.

Hi I didn’t want to use my Apple Watch while Zwifting and as I often do a few rides every other day didn’t want to manually add each time. I have purchased RunGap app which syncs exercise minutes and activity minutes to Apple Health with updates all rings on my Apple Watch.

I’m so glad I finally happened upon this thread after days of trying to find a solution to my problem. I really thought I was going crazy when my rides in Zwift suddenly stopped showing in the Apple Watch activity app. RunGap has worked for me, but as others have mentioned it’s another app that I have to pay for when I already pay for Strava and Zwift.