Sync Zwift activities to Apple Health

If you have an iPhone then you should be able to run the Companion App on your iPhone and use it to sync with Apple Health. You just need to make sure it’s on the same WiFi as your Apple TV and syncs up into game mode so you can see the map where you’re riding.

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I would prefer to not use the ZCA on the phone. No other way?

This is really oldschool… whey not link it directly…

I mean, even if I am not using the ZCA on the iPhone during the ride, after the ride it is saved in the app. So why would it be possible to push it afterwards to health anyway.


Agreed. You should be able to connect the ZCA to Apple Health. However this capability seems to have been dropped from ZCA (I do not see Apple Health in Settings → Connections and have not seen data uploaded to Apple Health for more than a year. Now that Strava killed uploading of 3rd party app data to Apple Health, Zwift really needs to get this functionality working again.


My Apple Health does have a link to ZCA, however it records only as a workout but does not ‘close’ my Move Ring. Only logging as an Exercise.


I am also running into the sam issue. When is the estimated time to fix it?

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Just had an email from Strava saying they have changed their mind on this:


I figured out how to sync the Zwift workouts to Apple Health, without any other tools like Strava in between. Just with Zwift and Zwift Companion.

I fully described it on my blog, which is linked on my profile. Just click on my name here.

Hi @terrificturbothomas , thanks for your blog, this helped me on the way, but not completely…

I noticed, when using a different heart rate monitor, ZCA only registered the activity minutes and didn’t record the heart rate in apple health. So no I’ve not been able to close my move ring. Have you run into something like this?


Yes @Dennis_Lopes - there’s this small thing you have to keep in mind.

If you’re using Zwift on an iPad or another iPhone, a regular HRM will not work to close your activity rings. You must use the Apple Watch then.

If you’re using another device to run Zwift (e.g. ATV, Mac, PC) you must use the ZCA to pair the sensors and can NOT use the internal bluetooth/ant of ATV, Mac or PC.

What’s your full setup?

@terrificturbothomas hmm, I have the setup option 2, like you mention on your blog. So, that’s an Apple TV, ZCA on my iPhone and a chest heart rate monitor.

I do have an Apple watch, but i rather use the chest heart rate monitor, due to being more accurate and stable than the watch.

I tried also to connect the heart rate monitor to the phone, it can handle multiple connections.
Then I will see improved heart rate data after the workout, but still no active calories accounted to my move ring.


You can connect your HR to your Apple Watch via Bluetooth.
Then you choose Apple Watch as HR in Zwift (it will send the HRM datas to Zwift and to Apple Health).

For me, the easiest option was to use an app called RunGap.

Using this app, you can sync Zwift workouts to basically anywhere, including Apple Health. I think you can do this with the free version of it, but the paid version is quite cheap. The downside is you have to remember to use it after every workout.


You can try this method, Log in through the website then nevigate to the activity feed and download the fit file of the activity you like.

From your iphone, download Healthfit and upload the fit file. This way you will get most of the information needed and you will close all the rings.

Well, unfortunately the only answer to your very good question can be that Zwift doesn’t really care about its Apple using customers who overwhelmingly use the Apple Heath system for aggregating the activities we do in the many apps we use.

Or maybe they want us to not use Zwift at all and just use Apple’s built in “indoor cycling” activity to track our workouts… which also doesn’t really make sense.

So this whole thing makes no sense.

and by the way, I did get the Zwift > Strava > Apple Health thing to work but it’s junk. The data that Strava pushes to Health is extremely incomplete.

The question is which data is Strava pushing to Apple Health?
If the data in Strava (from original fit file) are complete and different to Apple Health, is it a problem with Strava export or Apple import, not with the original Zwift fit file.
Strava recommend using “export original” for data export:

That doesn’t mean I don’t support your request, but 18 votes… Are there not more requests like this, did you search the forums?

Well, Apple Health doesn’t support importing .fit files… it only works via their API and while Strava supports that API and can add any workout that it has into AH, it usually truncates the data it has. I don’t know why… this isn’t unique to Zwift data. Strava just doesn’t bring everything into AH.

Another example of this is the swimming app MySwimPro. That app can load its’ data into Strava and Apple Health (unlike Zwift which only does Strava) and the data that goes into both is pretty good: lap splits, HR, elapsed and active time, etc… BUT when Strava takes the data it gets from MSP and then copies it into AH, most of the good stuff is gone. It’s super basic, similar to the screenshot above… and it’s a duplicate of the workout MSP already put there! Normally I wouldn’t even have noticed this because I have the setting in Strava to import all workouts into AH turned off to avoid the dupes, but because of Zwift I had to turn that back on… now forcing me to manually go into AH and delete duplicated workouts from MSP, Wahoo and other apps I use that do their job correctly!

I’ve found a wonky work around. If you have the WahooWorkout app you can sync Strava to it and then send the same workout to Health. you’ll have a wahoo file and a Strava file BUT the Strava file will then have the complete HR data. This ■■■■ is crazy. How in the year 2024 is this kind of thing still a problem? Seriously insane

With Apple Health now available on the iPad this feature needs to see some action.

Hi, I’m trying to make Zwift and the Apple Watch Ultra (first generation) working together but it seems impossible.

The first thing I tried was:

  • Zwift running on iPad
  • Zwift Companion on iPhone
  • Zwift Companion on Apple Watch to get heart rate.

My problem was the the watch kept disconnecting and the heart rate was almost never showing.

So I tried:

  • Zwift on iPhone
  • Zwift (not Zwift Companion) on Apple Watch to get heart rate.

I completed the running workout without any heart rate disconnection but when I saved the activity the distance was missing even though on Strava was saved.

Are you aware of the problem? Do you have any suggestions?

Distance not showing:

Same activity on Strava showing distance:

Yesterday activity saved from companion showing distance: