Sync Zwift activities to Apple Health

Why is there no possibility to link Zwift to Apple Health, like to Strava or TrainingPeaks.

I am using Zwoft on the ATV, which cannot push the activity to health. I would need to run it on my iPhone.

It worked via Strava, but they stopped that and now only push their own activities to healthy, for whatever reason…


If you have an iPhone then you should be able to run the Companion App on your iPhone and use it to sync with Apple Health. You just need to make sure it’s on the same WiFi as your Apple TV and syncs up into game mode so you can see the map where you’re riding.

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I would prefer to not use the ZCA on the phone. No other way?

This is really oldschool… whey not link it directly…

I mean, even if I am not using the ZCA on the iPhone during the ride, after the ride it is saved in the app. So why would it be possible to push it afterwards to health anyway.


Agreed. You should be able to connect the ZCA to Apple Health. However this capability seems to have been dropped from ZCA (I do not see Apple Health in Settings → Connections and have not seen data uploaded to Apple Health for more than a year. Now that Strava killed uploading of 3rd party app data to Apple Health, Zwift really needs to get this functionality working again.


My Apple Health does have a link to ZCA, however it records only as a workout but does not ‘close’ my Move Ring. Only logging as an Exercise.

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I am also running into the sam issue. When is the estimated time to fix it?

Just had an email from Strava saying they have changed their mind on this: