Zwift Academy 2022 issues

I have also had issues with the baseline ride. Completed all segments and went through the arch at the end of the ride. I did lose wifi connection a couple of times but was still seeing onscreen messaging etc, and the full ride recorded fine and was uploaded to Strava.

However I have no results under the baseline values tab in the zwift companion app, and no email. Super annoying because I don’t want to redo. Is there a way I can solve this issue?

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Several of us who led group rides in 2020 asked when ZA 2022 was first announced why they community group rides were no more and we were told by former ZA staff that they were no longer involved.

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They could also simply put workout #1 back on the group workout schedule until the bug is fixed. It wouldn’t solve every person’s problem with access, but it would make it possible to complete the long workouts in order for iOS/AppleTV users who haven’t done #1 yet. The long workouts are short, and the short workouts are absurdly short.

Yeah, true - folks who haven’t yet done #1 are probably the one they should solve for first if they can. My issue is I’m ready for long #4 but that doesn’t show up until Sunday’s group rides, but I can add in a race or something else this week as another intense session, and push out my schedule for #4 until Sunday.

I did 2 & 5 on Apple TV and they show up on the dashboard as completed.

Still waiting for that mythical 1.29.1 update to give me the rest of the full-length workouts…


@P_a_u_l While cleaning up issues related to the Baseline ride…

Maybe change the first instance of “your” to you’re :slightly_smiling_face:



Grammar errors like this really annoy me, but there are loads of examples on Zwift in other workouts and it’s so unprofessional. It makes it feel like Zwift is someone’s hobby project, rather than a serious training platform with presumably a large design and development team behind it. How errors like this get through the whole design and development lifecycle without being spotted is beyond me.


Wow long thread. Is there still no answer for the missing emails? I’d even take an empty one at this point, a week since the ride :frowning:

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So frustrating not being able to do the workout#1. Just add events zwift come on… worst problem solving ive ever seen in a company


Did baseline ride 09/18
Results posted in Companion app with 13% marked complete

haven’t received an email yet, will this be sent out to everyone as previously mentioned in a post?

ZA Road 2022 filter only selected - no events available
ZA Road 2022 filter + Group ride selected - only baseline ride available
Need to select group workout to have some of the workouts available

Email notifications turned on after baseline ride


Partner logged on this morning 11-00 uk time to do the #2 ride B version, ladies long. 8 logged in on the companion app, 8 in the staring pens, normal countdown showing, when it got to zero, no workout sidebar, the pens disappeared and she was dumped back into normal riding on Makuri island.

Not impressed.

If you see all three segments listed with times that look reasonable, there is no need to repeat the baseline ride. The phenotype information is often of no real value and can be guessed by looking at your ZwiftPower profile. Untrained athletes are pretty much all “sprinters”.

Unknown. The options I’ve seen include:

  • No email for over a week
  • Email with no data, but if you click on “view on web” link, it works
  • Email with no data, and if you click on “view on web” link, it doesn’t work
  • Email with no data, followed by an email with data for the same event
  • Email with bad data
  • Email with good data

This is normal. The ZA Road 2022 filter still requires ticking the appropriate ride type to show results. It’s confusing design but it does work if you select the ride type(s). ZA Road 2022 is not a ride type, it just narrows the results matched by the ride types you select.

It’s unclear if this matters. Some people with email notifications off still got the email.

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I did a baseline ride on 9/18 and did not receive my power number email.
Can’t Zwift print a chart or something?
I know I’ll never get the email. Zwift, you really dropped the ball on this one.

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Paul from Zwift, could you or someone else please explain who is the comparison group for the percentiles in the phenotype emails.
ie is it divided by gender (I’m assuming yes?), and is the comparison group everyone who has done the ZA Baseline ride this year only (so the comparison group will get larger as more people do the ride, which will potentially change your percentiles depending on when you did the ride) or is it some sort of fixed population sample from previous years ZA segments? Is there any further division other than gender, for example, as a 40-50 year old female in C grade, are my percentiles compared to all women of any age and grade, or further divided by age or category? If ZA gives percentiles to people, you really need to explain the comparison sample group to make it meaningful.


I got the email but no data was included. Clicked “view in browser” and it’s still blank.

Companion app doesn’t show any times for the baseline ride either. Yes, I fully completed the ride.

Subsequent training rides have taken hours to register but at least they show as completed.

Pretty disappointed in the lack of updates/information from Zwift. I have officially given up hope on seeing my baseline ride data.

I’m a huge fan of Zwift. It got me riding 5-6 times per week. I’ve lost 30+lbs since adding a smart trainer and Zwift to my riding so I’m forever grateful and a fan of Zwift but I’m disappointed in Zwift Academy. Feels half baked and poorly put together.

You may wish to consider doing Baseline Ride again. Hopefully no need to go full gas again on the first two segments as I assume you have recorded times for them.

Missing Long Segment Data

We’re aware of an issue where members who did their baseline ride between the hours of 1AM UTC 9/17/2022 and 5AM UTC 9/17/2022 are missing data for the long segment.


This issue has been resolved. While we’re unable to retrieve this data, you can complete the Baseline ride again to obtain your long segment data.

Thanks for the feedback!!

I presume this is not a must, right?

I have a heavy travel schedule, I can hardly create room for the workouts. But I will do my best to repeat the baseline. I had made a mess of the first segment anyway, would be good to see what I do there.

I don’t know about it being a must.
I can only assume if your Baseline Ride is showing on CA /In Game as completed then all you will gain by doing again is to get a long segment time to compare against your Finish Line performance.

Ugh I don’t get it, how can this take so long to fix tho? I’ve played mmo’s in the past and buggs and problems always appear, but they were always solved quickly. Frustrating to pay 15 a month for a service that doesn’t work like it’s advertised.


Thanks Ian. I see it as complete but will still do my best to repeat it.