Tour Of Watopia Stage 3 - just got chucked out of stage for no reason

Has anybody else had the same experience?

Yes, first at the 18:00 event half way true first sweet spot block. Tried again 20:00 and was kicked out about 8 min in second sweet spot block.
Very frustrating.

Yes, at the 18:00 event half way true first sweet spot block.
Could continue the whole workout on the companion app sitting in the start pen but it dident save when done.
So stage 3 is not completed.

Same here. Kicked me out of app after a minute. Went back in and finished workout but bike never left start line and did not record when done

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What do mean by “Chucked out” did the program crash did windows crash?

You can drop your log file in and check your frame rate, these events is a big test on your computer performance.

The program crashed. The iPad was fine

Sound like the graphic requirement was just to much for your system.

It worked fine for the other two events

Same here… Zwift App on an IPad Pro crashed 10 minutes before the stage ended (18:00). Very frustrating!

This one was the most taxing of the last 3, with a group workout you are in a big bunch the whole ride.

My minimun FPS was half of the previous stage. Sage 2 min 48FPS ---- Stage 3 min 15

Stage 2 had on low dip in FPS at the start.
Stage 3 was low from start to finish.

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Same here, zwift crashed after the 10sec sprint blocks

Take a look at this,

Look at your previous log file in,
If your average is lower than 20 on a normal ride then you will have issues in these big events.

My FPS was excellent in the demo

Don’t you love doing intervals with 2000 of the random folks that crash your app :joy:

Nice one - LOL


Almost everyone crashed at the same time, during the first 10min sweet spot. Don’t think it is a local issue

Yup, “Zwift was interrupted”…
Asked if I wanted to rejoin, said yes…just riding along, no Stage 3.

The Zwift app quit as soon as it entered the last 5 minutes cool down on April 16, 2019 @~ 08:55 New York USA time. I restarted the app, asked if I wanted to resume, answered YES but it only took me back to Watopia, not Stage 3. I picked up mileage and ride time where it crashed. Running Zwift on iPad mini as usual. Lee

Same here. It is frustrate that we got kick almost at the end.
Just want to know whether do we have to redo this or there will be a record somewhere?