Stage 3 crashes

(Josie) #1

Hi all,

We are currently investigating an issue with crashes during Stage 3 of Tour of Watopia. If you have experienced this, reach out and open a support inquiry. We will be working on crediting those who have crashed and could not finish this stage.

Thanks for your patience.

Tour Of Watopia Stage 3 - just got chucked out of stage for no reason
Tour of Watopia 2019 Stage 3 Game Crashed
Crashing out of ToW
Zwift did not record my 3rd stage of Tour of Watopia
(S Wheat (Swami's)) #2

It crashed me out tonight right before the cool down. 6:00 PM PST

Very disappointing.

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(Austin) #3

Same exact here today

(Aimee) #4

Same here

(Chris) #5

Same here. Crashed just into the cool down. Started in the 16:00 UTC stage

(Steve) #6

Chucked out right before the end, second night on the trot, frustrating to say the least

(Erwan) #7

Hi crashed as well 10 minutes ago in the cool down after the 5 sprints

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #8

It seem like these crashes coincide with the riders going into the cave in the Jungle, the rendering of that section is very demanding on the graphic card (GPU)

(Johanna) #9

Hi! Zwift crashed for me too, had just finished the last interval, only 5 min cool down remaining. Restarted zwift on the Ipad, logged back on and got the question if I wanted to resume activity. Said “yes”, but only got back into Watopia, not in the event. So I couldn’t save it as a Tour stage. I did the event at 18 pm today, 2019-04-16.

(Eric) #10

Hello world. Crashed me too 3 minutes before cooldown. Used Apple Ipad Air 2.
At 16.04.2019, 7 PM in germany.

Usually have no crashes. But the Peloton was big and the frame rate was at this moment low.

But its so frustrating :wink:

(Mikhail) #11

Good day, drove all 54 minutes, training for some reason is not visible in my profile)

Crashing out of ToW
(Tim) #12

For the 2nd day in a row. Zwift for iOs has crashed out of ToW while I was partly done with the stage, 1st on an iPhone 7 and 2nd on an iPad. This is rather troublesome (read, I’m less likely to continue paying) since Zwift provides it’s app to these devices.

If Zwift wants to be an application for only those who buy the most advance IT products with the most expensive processors and GPUs, please say that so that the general public can engage in virtual cycling elsewhere.


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(.) #13

Crashed 1 minute into the sweetspot. iPhone 6s. Two nights in a row. Frustrating! I cancelled Zwift after they raised the monthly fee for those grandfathered in, thought I’d give it another go. I’ll try it (again) on the Apple TV. If it crashes, I’ll be cancelling. Was excited about the Tour, but putting in the effort and not knowing if it will make it to the end is a crappy feeling.

(S Wheat (Swami's)) #14

@_MotoRef I made it thru the Stage after crashing out last night. I crashed out tonight but this time it asked me to rejoin and I was able to at least complete the Stage though on the wrong map. : - ). It just seems there is an issue with this stage and the number or riders and rubber banding together

Last night Ipad tonight Apple TV.

(Timo) #15

Same here, have Appletv , chrashed with cooldown left.

// Timo

(S) #16

Add me to the list. Apple TV, kicked out in the last 5 minutes of the second sweet spot section.

(Caine) #17

Just happened. iPhone 7 nearly got to the cool down. Not sure if I can do stage 4 without completing 3. Full calendar of riding and running. Might be out the tour due to this.

(Ferry) #18

Same here crashing on iPad, very disappointing. There were already a lot of people talking about crashed on chat before the start.

(Matt) #19

Crashed on me as well. Only day this week I can Zwift. Very frustrating. New generation iPad so shouldn’t have had a problem.

(Ron) #20

Just opened a ticket for the same issue. Thx voor de quick support!