TDZ stage 3 cat B Alpe du Zwift crashed

I rode TDZ stage 3 today at 1102 am in the B cat Alpe du Zwift. When i reached the top it crashed and so was the stage not counted. Is there a solution for because it was a long climb up :sweat_smile:

Do,you know why it crashed? And are you on the latest version of Zwift? There was an update just a couple of days ago.

Also, can anyone tell me where in Watopia this ‘photo’ is taken? I see this image on the startup screen regularly but can’t determine where it is. :thinking:

It crashes when I was passed the banner that marks the end of the stage.

I have a iPad IOS 12.5.1 and I updated Zwift today.

World 0, it’s not in Watopia. I suspect it’s going to be where we go when ‘allow saves without exit’ becomes a thing (stop laughing).

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Same thing for many. Me too.

When it saves the ride, it’s named Watopia

The same thing happened to me, twice, using iPad, got the email congratulating me for the completion, but it shows as a watopia ride in the events. I have updated the app and made sure I have plenty of memory space before the second time I rode the stage. It was more fun the second time, I bet the third time its going to be easy :slight_smile:

Rode TDZ Stage 3 CAT B at 9AM EST Jan 17th, and gave my all at the finish banner and zwift crashed right there. Whew!

I had instances in previous 2 stages where in the start of the event, Zwift crashed and I had to re-join.

Hope there is a fix!