Tacx Neo Smart 2 cadence issues after Zwift update

(Jakob Dral) #42

Actually best way is buy a wahoo BT cadence sensor. Just received today works perfectly.

(Daniel Strouven) #44

Neo2 over AppleTV4K. Crazy cadence output. Also same problem with Wahoo cadence sensor.

(Virgo Neeme (Est)) #45

I had same problem with cadence. Today, 4.01.19, I made update to version 0.0.15. After update all my devices (iPhone, MacBook and iPad lost) partly connection. Device have connection but Neo 2 don’t change any feedback.

(Patrik Pekrul) #46

That solved the problem on a brand new Neo 2. Cadence is back to normal. Thanks!

(Martin Smits [Neo]) #47

We released firmware version 18 for the Neo 2. This version shows a correct cadence in Zwift over BT. Please use the Tacx utility app, available on android or ios, to update your Neo 2.

(Henry Blake) #48

Have brand new neo 2 and have done the .18 upgrade… Still no cadence on zwift… Intermittently seems to work but did 50% of my ride with cadence showing at 0…

(Ovidiu G) #49

Is the released firmware 0.0.18 the same as the previously one from the Google drive?
Would it be possible to paste us the link to the previous 0.0.15 version also?

(Ovidiu G) #50

0.0.15 was showing good cadence via ANT+ in other apps except Zwift.

Also in case the files are not the same [the one from GDrive and the final release of 0.0.18] I would need to downgrade to prev. version before upgrading to the released 0.0.18 from the Tacx utility.

(Martin Smits [Neo]) #51

That is correct. The cadance over ANT+ is not affected and version 0.18 should work correctly over ANT+ and BT. If there is a problem, please get into touch with support@tacx.com and they can provide solutions for downgrading, but everything should work correctly in the latest version and the google drive version is the same as the official released version.

(Martin Smits [Neo]) #52

Henry, This must have antother cause. please get into touch with support@tacx.com.

(Ovidiu G) #53

Thanks for your response.

(Jens Maul [Speed Ville De] (A)) #54

I also need the 0.0.15 neo 2 Firmware?

(C Gibbons) #55

Hi henry having same issues after updating to .18 today

(Mark Rougeux) #56

Set up my Neo 2 today on my recumbent, which means I need to use a separate cadence sensor. [Connecting via Apple TV 4th generation.] My Wahoo cadence sensor would not get recognized until I updated the firmware [.18]. Now have good cadence numbers! In connecting my Wahoo HR strap, I received a notice that the Apple TV was out of BT connections, and did I want to use the Zwift companion app to connect. Which I did, and everything seems to work great. I have actual cadence rpms and bpm within Zwift! Keeping my fingers crossed that it continues.

(Steve Rice) #58

I had the Zwift/BLE/NEO2 cadence issue so I switch to ANT+ and was happy. I installed the 0.0.18 firmware update this evening and now my cadence response is really slow (takes 7 seconds from the time I stop pedaling to register). It feels like Tacx just added a big low pass filter on the cadence and as a result the training in ERG mode is almost unusable. Has anybody else noticed this? Any hints on how to downgrade to 0.0.15?

(Ovidiu G) #59

This is exactly what I noticed also. with 0.0.18 it works exclusively with Bluetooth on Zwift, but not with ANT+ On a side note even with Bluetooth, the Tacx Utility itself on Testing Dashboard seems to be affected as well.

(Steve Rice) #60

I have created a support ticket at Tacx and will update this forum if and when I learn anything. I am getting the feeling that next I am buying a separate ANT+ cadence sensor

(Martin Smits [Neo]) #61

We see what you meen and will dive into it !

(Steve Rice) #62

While you try to debug the fix, is there a way to revert back to 0.0.15 firmware? I would like to actually use the expensive trainer I bought.

(Martin Smits [Neo]) #63

Please request a downgrade at support@tacx.com and mention Hilko, then he will send a solution.