Tacx Neo Smart 2 cadence fluctuating widly or showing no signal

(Vernon) #61

Yes, thinking on it I’ve seen both Ray and Shane’s test, so you’re likely right.

If I had a power meter I’d run their test myself, but I’m just not that ambitious. :slight_smile:

(Lin) #62

There have been some problems w/the Neo2 and its new cadence hardware/sensor. How much of that is Zwift vs Neo, I am not sure.

In the context of Zwift, wattage is everything. Hence, my comment:

“So the Neo must be wrong! As we all know, the power meter w/the higher number is always right :rofl:

If using a left only power meter (e.g., Stages, 4iiii, Pioneer, etc…), power measurement is not as accurate as I illustrated with a bit of math.

That said, I am not knocking the Neo or the 4iiii. I have a Neo. It has been great. Power numbers line up w/my on bike power meters (2 diff bikes w/their own power meters). While I do not own a 4iiii PM, I believe they make a great product as well. As a side note, I do have their Viiiiva HRM which I use for its ANT+ to BLE bridging function.

If you have a power meter on your bike, I suggest you use that power meter both indoors as well. Why? Because then you indoor and outdoor power numbers are both consistent and meaningful.

Apologies for the mild thread hijack. Hopefully, Zwift and/or Tacx have worked out this cadence issue.

(Milan) #63

Any news about the latest FW? Still is it the 0.0.19 Beta?!?

(Vernon) #64

I haven’t heard anything. Not sure if there’s issues under the Garmin ownership now but I sure wish they’d get it fixed.