Unstable cadence following latest ioS update

Anyone else noticing this in the last couple of days? I’m on a workout program and in the last two days have found my cadence jumping around a lot more than usual.

Set up is a Neo 2 with ipad pro. On checking just realised the app updated in the last two days - exactly coincides with the cadence issues :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I don’t believe in coincidences…

Hi @Nik_Holgate8203 welcome to Zwift forums.
What’s your local weather been like the past two days? Hot by any chance?

There’s a thread about Tacx trainers overheating and causing these types of symptoms. Would you try directing a fan to cool the Tacx and let us know if alleviates your issues?

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Hi @shooj many thanks for reaching out. Definitely not the weather am afraid, it’s actually cooler just now than it has been the last two months. That and I’ve already got a great big fan on me and machine :slight_smile:

Finally figured out how to go through a reset of the Tacx so going to try that next, along with rebooting all apps etc. Hopefully that will resolve it, but it’s just weird it’s been working perfectly for weeks and suddenly changed. Will report back…