Tacx Flux 2 issues


Possibly, you might want to take note of Tacx Flux 2 issues (an entry in the “Known issues” section abut this is missing…): power output spikes at zero cadence, inaccurate cadence and resistance control stopping after stopping pedaling.

Tacx got back to me saying a FW fix is in the works. However, until such time as the fix materializes, this is an issue to be aware of (this is a Tacx Flux 2 issue - completely unrelated to Zwift; it appears in their own app as well…)



Thanks for the heads up on this issue! Hopefully this is something where Tacx can resolve it soon :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the update , i have the same problem , did they mention when this FW fix going to be released ? Any estimation?

4 weeks… (But I wouldn’t be surprised if it took more …)