Tacx flux 2 power surge

Wondering has anyone found a fix to power surges on flux 2 trainer ?
Seems to happen mostly with increase in cadence , quite annoying and embarrassing as is basically a cheat.

any help appreciated.

Used to have this issue, but haven’t seen it once I updated to the latest F/W about 2 years ago.

Still, I’ve seen Zwifters post about this issue even after having applied the update.


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Yep have seen similar where issues has been resolved with update, unfortunately mine is running latest software and still no difference.

I have the flux 2 and have had great luck for almost two months.

last night, my resistance keep surging and the rpms would drop down to the 20’s even though i was steady pace in the 80’s.

This was off and on for my full 35 minute ride.

i am up to date on firmware, but was very annoying.