Rider Reporting and Ban Appeal Update

Hey everyone,

This update is to bring you all up to speed on the state of the rider report and ban appeals form we’ve had for some months now.

In the interest of transparency, the reason for this has been the simple fact that I have been the sole person managing this form, and it’s become untenable given the other goings-on with ZwiftPower (read: live data, GC issues, and the other stuff I’ve promised you is going on and which I can’t divulge).

Thankfully now, we’ve got some more eyes across this, and we’re able to put more focus back into the process as a whole.

So, what does this mean for you all?

  • If you’ve submitted to the sheet because you’ve been suspended on ZwiftPower (a ZRVG tag appears next to your results, not single DQ tags like WKG, 20MIN, HR, etc.) and are still awaiting a response, then please send us a quick follow-up email to zwiftpower@zwift.com

  • If you’ve recently reported a rider - we will not divulge the outcome of our decisions in the interest of both your privacy and other person’s privacy. This remains the same as before.

That form should no longer feel like a void where reports and appeals go to never be heard of again, and instead will be of more value to you all who are helping to keep your racing communities clean and your profiles illustrious.

Thanks for your understanding.

Ride On.