Cycling Weekly Easter Stage Race

The cat B winner on Saturday listend at Zwiftpower is not registered there and no power data is shown for him. How is this possible? You don‘t know whether he‘s in the right category or he exceeds the wkg limits. I write this here because the comments are disabled on Zwiftpower for this event. Thanks!

I suspect that as he is keeping his activities private, his detailed data isnt showing. He shows on ZP as he has opted in to Zwiftpower through Zwift.

The Zwift e-racing rules say that you have to be registered at Zwiftpower and have to provide your power data to public. The race organizer should apply the rules at least for the winner.

That series is a casual race series, as most of Zwift races are, so it wont be governed by those rules. They are only for the elite races (premier league for example). Whilst I agree with you (everyone should be on ZP), nothing says he has to sign up to ZP, and as you probably know already, plenty of people dont and still win events.

You can hit up Zwift and put your case forward though …

I beleive the rules are applied by organiser choice ( and not just for premier league) .

You should choose your events wisely based on that , should you wish to avoid these sorts of things .
or just accept that results need to be “filtered” privately as you see fit . Those events are not serious.

This discussion however does highlight once more the volume of opinion that does want a degree more governance over more events and since zwift now totally control zwiftpower they need to get some sort of roadmap together around what they are doing with the platform now they have control of it .

That should involve a better integration with zwift itself (introducing such features like not supported entry out of category and to prevent entry into races (proper) until you actually have registered on zwiftpower ( or better if they truly integrate have not opted out , as this post highlights ) , restoring the features they removed that put a bulldozer through zwiftpower features such as the post race socialising , taking the flagging/reporting of performanced into the albeit required “privacy” domain out of where it is now , a completely unsupported and non functioning waste of time that has lost the confidence of the community . , and more generally improving the way events can be published , showing what rules apply and indeed not allowing events to be called a race if they dont apply minimum standards such as highlighted by OP , and as imporantly to improve and feature how organisers can better run better events , across the entire spectrum , race or not .

Hello, could you let me know where are the results of the 3 days posted? Thank you

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Hi Alex - from the event description: GC standings will be published
as soon as possible after each race on, with final
results published in the print edition (15 April)

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