Why Was I Flagged? Is This Other Racer Legit?

ZwiftPower racers! Do you have questions about your own suspension or disqualification? Do you want us to look into somebody else’s questionable results? For either case, please use this form.

This process is a step in the evolution of ZwiftPower’s after-race functionality. Long-time members of the ZP community accustomed to handle these questions on the ZP Forum may continue to use that method for the time being, but eventually, we’ll migrate this function away from the ZP Forum.

What is this form for?

This form will allow us to see the account in question with the necessary detail to make an informed and equitable decision. It is for:

  • Appealing a suspension on your account when you see “ZRVG” next to your results.
  • Reporting other riders you believe are not racing legitimately based on power, weight, heart rate, or something else.

The form is not to ask to remove single disqualifications (results tagged withDQ, WKG, 20MIN, etc.). Check out our forum post on that for the “why.”

The form is also only a short-term solution for what we know is an important aspect of racing on Zwift, and we are doing everything we can to ensure that in the future we can offer a racing experience that is fair and fun for all levels of rider. Your feedback is still encouraged, and we are reading it.

What can I expect when I submit the form?

You will be asked to provide certain pieces of information vital to your report or appeal. If you are reporting another rider, you will not be notified of any action or inaction made against the account. This is in the interest of privacy.

If you are appealing your account, we will contact you if we need more information and also to inform you of any decision made. In the event that you don’t hear from us after 5-7 business days, please reach out to zwiftpower@zwift.com with your ZwiftPower profile URL and we will be happy to follow that up for you.

Can I post on forums.zwift.com about other riders or with a question about my account?

Post-race discussion is encouraged, and we ask that you are mindful to not let the conversation degrade into finger pointing.

We will not allow posts that target other riders nor will we allow posts asking why you may have been flagged. Please use the form and help us keep our community discussion focused on what matters: racing and getting stronger.

Where did the ZwiftPower forums go?

The forums on ZwiftPower.com are a pillar of the Zwift racing community, and while they are now in a read-only state, we believe that leaving them accessible to read will still serve the Zwift racing community, as there is valuable information to be found within.

If you have more questions about ZwiftPower, check out our other posts on this forum, or send us an email at zwiftpower@zwift.com. *Please note that this email is being managed by a small team and you may experience delays in your response time.

Ride On. :ride_on:

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Hello, I have a question, how can I get a ZRVG for three months

You will have to use the form in the link above.

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I have already written 4 forms and nobody told me about it
did not explain 3 months of the ZRVG.Why such a punishment what I did.

I’ve got an update on this form and process, which can be found here.