Do not understand why i have been disqualified

I have just realized that in all the races I have rode in the last year, I have been disqualified.
Is there anyone who can help me figure out why?
And how do I get it fixed?

THANX in advance

[Zwift Power - Christoffer Martinsen [DBR]]

𝐙𝐑𝐕𝐆 - Suspended rider.

This is because based on your historical rides you are well over Cat D, see the results from below:

You can email to get more info as discussed in the thread below:
ZwiftPower update [November 2020]


You’ve halved your body weight in a month. Impressive


Good catch didn’t even see that, coffee must have had a delayed effect today. But that is probably the reason for the suspension along with grossly exceeding cat limits.


I will not deny that I cheated. But I thought I had changed it back.
Does it have nothing to say?

You’ve cheated and been caught.

But then you knew that so not sure why you were stating you couldn’t understand why you were disqualified.


Wow. You don’t deny cheating and wonder why you’re suspended. And then post on probably the least likely forum to get any sympathy. Stellar thinking.

That said, your weight doesn’t change retroactively so going back to your real weight isn’t going to make you any less of a cheater, it’s just going to make you back to the rider you’re supposed to be. Leave your weight accurate, ride a lot and you can get back to having results that are real. And I would suggest not posting in here for a while.


Wow, it is really hard to make ■■■■ like this up :)))

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Ok, this thread has run it’s course.

Closing it.

Ride On!