Continental qualifer exclusion

Hello everyone, today at the continental qualifications of the world championship after 12 minutes I was expelled from the game for not respecting the pre-race rules. I had done everything necessary, I don’t understand why. who can i contact about this issue?

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Well , most of riders who got kicked out missed the ZADA test.
It’s obligatory for this event.
I hope other members can give you further information about your issue, good luck mate!

I ran the Zada ​​Power Test and sent it with double data logging and video link

Yep, same here. I did everything as instructed. Zwift needs to explain why our forms weren’t processed. I’m not saying I had a chance, but it’s not at all a good experience spending considerable time and energy on doing everything as directed, and then getting booted. Checked all my emails prior to the race, junkbox and all. I’m convinced zwift just didn’t process my google form. Really really poor show zwift. Will cut my sub this month and go check out rgt I think.


same for me. looks like that happened for a lot of riders. maybe that week between sending out invites and the race was too short. they must have got hundrets of zada tests to go through

Zwift has disappointed me very much …

So I recieved a response from zada regarding the exclusion. This is a really disappointing way to deal with all the time and effort I personally went through. After receiving my google form, why was I not contacted to be told about this issue before the event? Who is the person who thinks that ignoring my correspondence, letting me spend my weekend getting ready for the event - when Zada was sitting on the information the whole time???

I am going to cut my subscription for December as I’m very bitter and angry at the lack of professional with zwift. Simply sending an auto email for anyone with the issue I had would have made a HUGE difference in my eyes.

A big 0/10 rating for zwift if you are bothering to read… but tbh you guys have shown zero interest or care for current customers and the horrible user experience this was.

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I fully agree with you. They told me that I hadn’t sent the video recording of the Zada ​​power test. I sent the link in the form, link working. So they had their own problems. For this they should have communicated the missing data in time to find a solution, not to let a week go by without any communication and excluding me from the race after 12 minutes from the start. No professionalism. After all this not even a message to apologize. Probably because of this I will also change platforms to train.

Reply from Zwift:

Hi David,

Many thanks again for sending this. We’ve now looked into this in more detail and concluded that excluding you from the race was a mistake on our part - as you say, you had indeed filled in the form correctly with all the required information.

We fully apologise, and while we obviously cannot re-run the race, we would like to offer you a year’s free membership of Zwift as a gesture of goodwill. This is being added to your account as we speak.

Thank you again for alerting us to this problem, and we look forward to seeing you compete again in future races.

Ok, at least they were serious about finding a solution. But some mistakes shouldn’t happen, there should have been more communication in the pre-match rounds, so that we can correct earlier … But now it has happened, and there is no going back …


To be honest I think this is some excellent customer service! Mistakes happen and that’s a great response.


Hi David,

Members of my team and I had the same problem. Who did you contact to mention this problem ?