Zwift continental qualifiers

Hi everyone!
I have a question about the continental qualifications race ,
Since I raced the ZRL series and I’m an A+ rider , I got qualified for the continental race on Sunday ,
The issue is that I don’t have dual recording,
I ordered a power meter but it’s not going to come on time (mid December)…
Does that mean I’m already disqualified or I can participate then get disqualified?
I’m not trying to be an exception of the rules that made for the fairness and transparency of the racing… I totally understand that

Hi @Maafa_Tarek_WLC

Reach out to friends near by and borrow a power meter.

First step will be letting people know where you are situated.

Edit: Ignore this advice. See below :point_down:

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Hi @Maafa_Tarek_WLC

Since one of the requirements of the race is to have performed a ZADA powertest with dual recording you are not allowed to race. In the tech guide/rule book it states that riders that haven’t performed the pre verification test and filled out the form with information and pictures of the equipment they use will be removed from the start pen if they try to enter.


Thank you so much,
I’m sure more opportunities will rise up soon under better circumstances,
At least I’m getting a power meter :grin:
Best of luck to everyone racing the world’s championship and continental qualifiers :tada::confetti_ball: