Compatible duel Power sauce for Continental qualifiers…

Hi people first time getting invited to the Continental qualifiers it’s really exciting and nerve-racking at the same time recently I just made a purchase of a 4iiii single-sided power meter for zwift racing but I just found out it’s not gonna come in time( because of holiday shipping time here in New York) so my friend lent me his Power meter which is Assioma power pedals does anybody know if that’s good enough for the ZADA TEST and The qualifiers?

either is fine as a secondary, as long as your primary power comes from the trainer. good luck with your qualifier

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Hi @yitzchok_singer_CIS

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The Assioma pedals are very accurate.

Yes, they are excellent, just remember to set the crank length correctly and calibrate them after installation (with the Assioma app or your bike computer if it has the required functionality).