Changed from smarttrainer to PM - immediate DSQ!


After months of using the Zwift Hub One, today I upgraded to Assioma power meter pedals.

The reason? Reading reports that at 300w+ the Hub under reports watts by 5-10%.

I can now confirm that it does! After doing a race Zwift increased my FTP from 300->325. With the pedals I immediately felt it was slightly easier to hold threshold.

Thing is, I got a WKG DSQ from the race (BST Mountain goat), which I don’t think is fair, as for the first time in months I am racing with accurate power. Also, I ‘only’ had 4.0 for the 45 minute race. You do see 4.0 quite often in the top 10 of B races.

Anyone know how I can remedy this? Will I keep getting DSQ’d?

Anyone know how I can contact the BST Mountaingoat organizers?

Yes but you had 4.3 for 20 minutes. You were racing a non CE race and rules of that race were
A B C D E (Categories enforce w/kg boundary)
Basically means if you exceed category limit [probably old limit of 4.0w/kg] you will be disqualified.

Yes if you keep entering non CE races and keep exceeding 4.0 w/kg.

You are a Cat B - Enter Cat B in CE governed races and you can race as hard, fast and powerful as you like and not be disqualified. However increase your zMAP or zFTP too much and you will be promoted to Cat A.

I’m not sure I would bother as their race limits/requirements are (clearly) listed and you exceeded them. Ignore non CE races, enter the correct forced category CE races and you won’t be disqualified in future.

How do you know the Hub 1 was underreporting instead of pedals over reporting.
I have both.
The pedals ALWAYS over watts when accelerating
They are accurate for a steady effort and can be used to check accuracy of the trainer.
I think I see my pedals settle down after 5-7 sec.
The pedals are accurate but not in all scenarios and high power racing is exploiting this flaw

I should amend this.
I do not have a Hub one.
I have assioma pedals and smart trainer.
My trainer is a Kinetic Road machine with a power sensor.
I use the pedals to confirm that I am using the correct roller tension.
This set up is accurate, as confirmed by the dual recording of every ride but the TD is inherently zero.

I wish Zwift would let us pair a second power source and display for dual recording, kind of like a second HR field.

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I did some tests with Assiomo’s and a KICKR Bike. The Assiomo’s were 50w off of the average for the ride with a 300w average (Yeah, like 250w - 300w) Enough to change categories.

Imagine an online eRacing platform without consistency of power measurement. Others have said to try different setups and choose your best. I have heard of racers having 12 sets of power meters (absurd, isn’t it?) until they found the one that gave them the best numbers.Thats the kind of vagueness and competitive spirit we’re dealing with here without dual power and uncalibrated trainers, meters etc. That’s why dual meters are required + rides that show wattages to compare before the races, and videos on everyone plus their weigh ins on the high stake races.

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I’ve tested my assioma duo shi against my neo 2t and the assiomas tend to read low on the short term power but always tend to be within 2% of the turbo

Only time I ever saw a huge discrepancy was using a 4iiii power meter with a dodgy elite direto where the direto was over reading by about 30 w

My setup of using the Kinetic Road machine and the assioma duo shi resulted in the trainer reporting 25 watts below the pedals.
I chose to stick with the train power because I wanted to be able to track and compare to previous years and the power readings were more consistent.

I then discovered that increasing my wheel tension corrected the discrepancy.

This occurred at the end of the last indoor season and I was rushed to re establish my 30 sec thru 5 min VO2 max interval goals because I wasn’t sure if I was 25 watts faster or slower.

I still don’t know that answer for sure but both meters agree.
I think I was getting wheel slip at the higher efforts.
It was just weird and I’m happy now.

Zwift should give us dual reporting.

the race organiser controls the rules of their series, so they’re the person to contact if you have a problem with the results. though to be honest, i’m not sure that organiser is around to be contacted anymore

it’s unlikely you’ll get DQ’ed in many other races for that reason, since not many use the old category system… stick to category enforced races and you generally won’t have to worry about it

Hi all - wanted to amend my post. I was using Look Keo cleats with the Assiomo’s and I am pretty sure that was causing the power discrepancies - as well as the vague clipping.