Restart where you left off

Is there anything more irritating then when a technical issue arises that means you need to stop your run/ ride and then go back into Zwift to finish the run/ ride? If only you could restart from where you left off, both in positional sense and in respect of the metrics too. It is such a pain to do a course and then find yourself back at the beginning again, starting at zero time/ distance as well, to finish off the last km of your run/ride redoing the bits you have already run/cycled. If only we could get a Netflix type “Restart where you left off” button…

I agree app stopped responding mid ride today and I had to restart from the beginning. I’m still in the free trail period, if this happens regularly I can’t see it being something I will pay for.

Can I suggest a new feature in the Zwift app that if a person is in the middle of a workout or exercise and the application crashes or locks up when the Zwift application is restarted, the user is prompted if they would like to resume the activity?

I use my bike trainer and Zwift about four to five times a week. About once a month, the application will freeze, and the PC must be powered off and back on. Or the Zwift application crashes and must be restarted. I have worked with Zwift tech support a few times, but the issue is too infrequent, with little to no logs written when it happens, so it has been challenging to resolve. I am running the latest Zwift app, and I keep my Windows machine patched.

I doubt that I will be able to resolve the lockup/crash issue since it is rare, but it is frustrating to lose the workout data. Typically, the Zwift application crashes when I am about 50% to 95% done with the event, and since I typically ride 60-120 minutes, that is a lot to lose. Thus, the idea of being able to resume the activity if the application shuts down incorrectly.

The Zwift application could write a local file with the activity details every minute. If the application crashes and is restarted, it will see the local file and ask the user if they want to resume the activity. If the activity is completed successfully, the local file is deleted to indicate the activity was completed successfully.

I would love to see a restart feature as my Zwift app crashes about once a month and I hate having to restart the activity again.

This is a great idea. There are a number of similar requests dating back to 2015.