Autosave, Checkpoint, Resume Ride Post Crash

First, let it be said that for all of the technology involved to make Zwift run I am staggered by how reliable it is.

But, stuff does occasionally go wrong. Lightning strikes the house down the street and the power goes out, or someone drives a bucket truck between telephone poles downtown and tears down the fiber optic cable bundle, or the rabbit chews through the power cable, or the three year old pulls the laptop and you don’t notice that the plug has come part way out of the computer until Windows performs an emergency shut down… I am completely serious when I tell you that all of those things have happened to me over the past few years.

When “stuff” does go wrong, it’s always frustrating. Particularly devastating when you’re say, an 8 year old boy who has just climbed the Radio Tower for the first time, and Windows decides to shut down the computer without warning. All those meters and drops… gone.

I searched the forums and found a few requests for improving Zwift recovery from such a disaster. I did not find much traction.

Could Zwift please build in improved recovery from crashes? Autosave kilometers ridden, meters climbed, XP gained, Drops accumulated once a minute. Even better, provide the capability to resume a ride or workout at, or close to, the point of the crash.