Ability to resume an activity after a freeze/crash

It is very frustrating when due to no fault of its own (eg. a windows/other trouble) Zwift freezes deep into a ride…7/10th the way up Alpe d’Zwift, most of the way through an intense workout, etc. Various things seem to get captured about the ride (although drop points seem to get lost) but what would be really useful would be the ability to restart the program and have it offer to pick up where you left off to finish the activity… in cases like this is the activity I want to finish, I don’t really care about the other bits of the game. I’m not sure how common freezes/crashes are but I suspect this would cut down on support work as well as folks probably won’t care so much about the random freeze here and there if they can restart quickly and pick up where they left off… frequent freezes would be a different matter but presumably that’s relatively rare.

In my case it looks like I’m having a video driver issue coupled with some bug inside windows where it doesn’t respond properly so other that working with Intel to resolve the driver issue or Microsoft to resolve the desktop manager issue, I doubt there is much the Zwift team can do to “fix” my trouble but they can help me recover when it happens.

That would be really great. Hat trouble with that a few times and it was really frustrating.
Maybe have a grace period of 15 minutes to restart all your stuff, and then there will be an option to “continue with the workout”.


My lastest freeze was 2km from the end of a Tour d’Zwift makeup ride… no partial credit for crashing before the end, not much point in trying to finish the rest of the stages :disappointed_relieved:

It really would be a great option! I’m zwifting for 3 months now but last 2 weeks I’m recovering more from the freezes than biking.
In a trainingsprogram I should start all over again, but the only thing that I want is return to the approximate point of freezing and continu the training.

You’ve got my vote!

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In a training program you can use the TAB button or swipe on the companion app to skip workout blocks.

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@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ Yup, and I’ve done that when the freeze happens in the last few minutes but if I’m 60 minutes into a 90 minute workout, it would be nice to be able to get the benefit of finishing the workout without the benefit of having to start at the beginning again. I suppose there is some way to skip forward within a workout. I’m not suggesting the program has to recover exactly where it froze but something within a minute or so would be nice.

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Yes you can skip forward by swiping on the companion app or the TAB button.

But the bigger question is why does your system freeze?

What system are you using.

My system freezes when the graphics driver (igfxn - Intel Irix XE) reports in the windows event log that it stopped responding and succesfully recovered. Due to a bug either in Zwift or possibly Windows, ZwiftApp.exe ends up waiting until the program is terminated for dwm.exe (Windows Desktop Manager) to respond. dwm.exe is running normally so its possible either drm.exe failed to post a signal Zwift was waiting for or that Zwift has some trouble where it did not respond properly to the trouble. I am working with Intel to resolve (hopefully) whatever it is that causes their driver to stop responding. This is not the bigger question though. The big question here is that given the myrad of troubles people run into which result in Zwift freezing, why don’t the folks at Zwift make it so that the program can recover when this happens.

I assume you are running a 11th gen intel CPU with onboard graphics. That has a INTEL bug, seen it posted on some gaming forums.

It is a valid feature request.

No, this is a 12th gen chipset (i7-1255U)

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