Please add the ability to resume an interrupted activity

TL;DR: You should be able to resume a zwift activity after a computer crash if you resume it in a few minutes… zwift support says to post this here so it can get votes if people are interested in seeing it happen.

Longer version
50 minutes into the Road to the Sky, almost up to the Yeti, Zwift froze and my laptop needed to be powered off (hard reset) to recover. When I restarted zwift there was no offer to resume the activity I was in the middle of, nor did it record what I had done so far - all progress was lost. All I got from support was a note about how to prevent this from happening again which had nothing to do with my situation. Things like this are going to happen given, it would be really nice if an activity could be restarted when something goes wrong.

Same here. When you pay via iTunes your ride at the end of every month will be stopped at some point without warning because the payment communication between iTunes and Zwift seems to be poor - the money for the upcoming month is charged but Zwift doesn´t realize in time and just stops the ride because the subscription has ended. You get a window with a button to “resume purchase” but at least on AppleTV this button just doesn´t work, you have no chance to click it. All you can do is quit the ride. I pointed this out to Zwift support and they recommended to choose another payment method … :roll_eyes:

At least the activity to that point is saved, but hey, it´s not my fault that the “resume purchase” button doesn´t work and I´m forced to quit my activity. Of course it should be possible to resume the ride!!!

On the other hand this opens the door to “cheating” - when I do a long route and I´m tired I might just “accidentally” pull the plug, take a break and recover and then continue with my activity where I left it. So this resume option should be limited to, say, two minutes after the crash.

When doing a long ride, you’re free to stop riding and leave the game running for as long as you’d like…at least as far as I can tell. Disallowing resuming an interrupted event after several minutes would be fine though.

I’ve added my vote.

Just to let you know, Zwift is yet to embrace any of the voted-for feature requests - even those with hundreds of votes.

yeah, I’m not holding my breath. I think this voting is flawed anyway, do they really think people scroll through these fourms looking for things to vote for? I didn’t even check the fourm after having a problem until zwift support told me to post here. Even then I didn’t check to see if someone else had already posted this (there are several posts going back many years but nothing current)… this entire process of thinking that votes are a meaningful measure of community interest is a bit brain dead. Better would be for them to analyze support traffic and perhaps scan the list for posts on a given topic.

yeah so far the feedback is split between this is a good idea and zwift never listens to feedback from the forums. Guess both are true :rofl:

that’s petty awful. boggles my mind why they can’t give you a decent grace period if you’re in the middle of a ride, are they afraid you might get 60 minutes of free activity? I hear people like Rouvy, wonder whether they’re as nasty towards their customers…

Am I missing something? This feature exists (at least on ipad) I’ve needed it multiple times (maybe 3 or 4) and it has always worked.

This is correct. You can pause on the in-ride menu almost indefinitely. Not sure how it’s cheating, the clock still running and try it in a race and you’re going to come way last. Is a coffee stop ride in real life “cheating”??

Not on the PC version

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Had never a crash on a Win 10 PC… No gaming PC, just 6 years old and with upgraded GPU (but I had also no crash with the old Nvidia GT 730, used it for more than one year).

It is cheating because your pause time wouldn’t be included in your total time.

Is it really possible to resume a ride on iPad that was interrupted by a system crash? It’s not possible on AppleTV.

If you’re participating in a race when this happens, I assume they’ll score you dnf regardless of whether you reconnect/finish. Other than that, does time even matter? That said, I suspect the missing time is easy to account for… just do the math between when the last point in the fit file was recorded and the current wall time. I really don’t think cheating is the main objection on their part.

That’s great. My laptop tends not to crash either. This time it did.

Hi Jeffrey,
there seem to be more issues like yours since the January update (especially with Intel integrated GPUs). I don’t know which laptop you are using, but Zwift is a 3D app and need some power (CPU and GPU). I am sure there are also some problems with coding.

What I want to say - I believe Zwift should take a look at minimum hardware requirements and clearly define what is possible with which device (graphics, resolution). These informations seem to be outdated and I can understand that the users are frustrated.

Edit - forgot to mention - I voted, but

is a really bad joke…
Zwift support is (and was already before Covid…) mostly not really helpful.

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Cheating at what though, if it’s a race you won’t come back into the midfield within that race. If it’s not a race you’re only cheating yourself, plus if it works like the in game menu then the ‘pause’ is added to your Strava time anyway which is the only other semi-completive element you could ‘cheat’ at.

I know because when I did the Mega Prezal I got off for a 5 minute toilet and water bottle refill break and those 5 minutes where added in the Strava time.

I’m using a Dell Precision 5530 with no GPU. I have a fan aimed at it to keep the cpu thermal management from kicking in and its mostly fine. I suspect the lockup was some interaction between Windows and Zwift but I have no way of knowing, I didn’t get a kernel dump when I reset it so there’s no record of what the system was doing when it locked up. Could be my antivirus decided it was time to do a scan, maybe windows update kicked in, who knows. I’m pretty sure that this machine is capable of handling zwift.

I’ve also been having an ongoing discussion with zwift support about this. Its mostly not been very helpful since they keep sending me suggestions which isn’t what I need here. They do respond to email so that’s a point in their favor. After several exchanges I seem to have been passed to someone else who took the time to write a real note as opposed to the others which appear to be templates where they fill in a bit like a Madlib. No promise to resolve this but they at least acknowledge that they could do better.

Dell Precision 5530 is a workstation, should have a Nvidia Quadro P1000 or P2000 (found some tech specs)? That’s what I use for CAD. These are no gaming GPUs, but I think should be OK for Zwift. But I doubt Zwift tested this GPUs, so probably you have Basic or Medium graphics?
What about resolution - are you using full HD?

Are you sure you have latest drivers? Windows 10 does not find a driver for my P2000, I always look at the Nvidia homepage.
Overheating could be the problem, too.

It does list a P1000 along with a Intel UHD 630. I don’t know whether the Nvidia stuff is in the laptop or in the dock which is connected by a thunderbolt cable. I was told the dock contains a GPU in addition to the expansion ports. My external monitor plugs into the dock, as do other things… In any case, I don’t use the dock with zwift. The laptop screen is running at 3840x2160. zwift is set to medium (720p) graphics which is fine as I plug an old TV in to use as my monitor. Battery saver is set to medium but I always run it plugged in. I have a fan dedicated to keeping the laptop cool - and it does stay cool, its cool to the touch when I’m done.

It has only frozen once and I’ve used it a fair bit this winter. I assume its some kind of glitch, could be nothing to do with zwift, could be some interaction with zwift and other stuff. If it were to start happening frequently I’d look into some way to track down the problem.