Zwift Crash

Having half completed my ride Zwift froze for about 20 seconds and then restarted for maybe 2 seconds before crashing again.  Some 30 seconds later a note comes up saying that I had not saved my ride before the crash and did I want to resume.  Great I thought, I can continue.  No, I don’t continue but am sent back to the beginning of the training session.  WHY  WHY WHY?  I am, starting to get a little fed up with this app. It is a great idea but for the money I am paying, it is still not properly developed and needs a lot of work done on it (or needs to allow for the massive increase in its number of users!)

Have you had effective internet connections? If there are problems with the internet connection after the ride, these things happen.


I also have stress after crossing the finish line! It happened to me more than once. It is a pity that zwift can not download data after resuming the application.

Thanks for the reply.  The internet connection was fine at about 35Mps.  I agree that Zwift should make it so the data is recoverable and at least if the ride is not properly ended then the option to resume the ride at the point of break available.