Post Crash Event Recovery and Etiquette

(David Kindler) #1

Just had Zwift crash after 3000 ft of climbing on stage 7 of the Watopia Tour.  Usually I just shrug off a Zwift crash and chaulk it up to bad luck… not such a big deal for a one-time event.  But over 2 hours in on the final stage with a tight deadline to complete all 7 stages really dies suck.   What really irked me was that when Zwift restarted it came up with a message “resume activity”?   Naturally, I thought my prayers had been answered, only to ride another 45 minutes around the hilly loop, having been kicked out of the Tour.   My suggestion to Zwift (and warning to the community) is NOT to suggest resuming, but instead telling you that you will NOT be resuming the event.  Obviously it makes no sense to rejoin a race, but an untimed challenge event is a different story…

I guess if I want that Tour jersey it’ll have to be 7700 ft of climbing today- hopefully no more crashing today