My first Zwift App Crash when going downhill :(


I’m basically new here in Zwift(Lvl 7) but just this mornining. I had my very first encounter of the App suddenly crashing.

So I was using my laptop and the companion app. Here’s how it happened: I was on the bigger loop route(1st time riding that course) I was already around 430m of elevation, or on top of the route, and going downhill(reward for climbing the top, right?) already crossed around 2km of descent and suddenly, boom! I see my desktop.

So I stop, and open the application again. but I was not able to resume where I left off. I was really disappointed about this. I was aiming for a good time. Tried to research how I can resume my activity but haven’t found any viable solution so I just changed my course and finished like 13km and kinda burst my frustrations on the sprints :smile:

Before I posted this, I was searching for answers in the internet hoping to find similar issues. There were some but dates back to couple of years ago.

What I know so far is, you can press tab to skip blocks in the map so you can start from where you got disconnected. So I’ll keep that in mind next time.

But hopefully, this issue gets resolved or add in a feature to continue the last activity but within a certain time limit. If they(devs) can keep/save the latest data(fit files) certainly this can be a solution. It sucks where you’re already halfway to the route and it crashes. It’s like playing a game where you defeated the boss but you forgot to save it before fighting it.

That’s all.

J.Lim - Ride On!

That is only for skipping intervals in a workout, it doesnt advance you anywhere on a route. Once you lose a ride it is gone, you can’t pick back up from where you left off, unfortunately.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the clarification. Appreciate it. I thought you could do that when you’re on the road :sweat_smile:

FYI… Currently, there is no way to resume aborted ride, nor am I (just a fellow Zwifter…) aware of any plans to implement such a feature.


Hey B,

The problem could be my laptop, since it was a fast descent, the background effects where a bit fast to render and it couldn’t catch up maybe.

Oh well, hopefully this doesn’t happen again to me or to any riders out there.

Put your log file from the crashed ride into it might help identify the issue.


If your laptop is running Windows, additional event info may be available.

See .

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Never knew this site existed until now. Thanks Mike! I’ll certainly log this issue.:slight_smile:

Thanks as well B. I’ll check this link out. :smiley:

Hey @B_CN:

Quick questions regarding the steps on the link provided:


  1. Navigate to the Crash Log folder.
  2. Name the file and then click Save
    *What does name the file mean? Should I name it anything I want?


  1. Attach the file you just saved to your next response to our Community Support team, and we’ll take it from there!
  • How to access that next response to our Community Support team? I mean, should I shoot an email to them?

Actually, best is to right-click the link, and select “Save link as…” . The save file dialog will contain the name “EventViewer_24Hour.xml” which is OK, although you can name it anything you want - provided it ends with “.xml” .

Just click the text “Community Support Team”, select “Technical Issues” for the “What can we help you with today?” drop-down list box, then enter appropriate description. Rolling a bit down, you should find “Attach”. Click it, and attach the report file generated.

Click “Submit”. This will generate all the communication necessary…

Good luck!

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