Resuming a workout after computer crash

My laptop BSOD’d in the middle of a workout. I was surprised to see that when I logged back in that Zwift didn’t prompt me to resume a workout. Moreover, when I log into the Zwift Companion app, it shows my partial workout.

Expected behavior:
When app crashes for whatever reason (OS fault, app fault, dead battery, loss of internets) during a workout, it should ask to resume existing workout if within a certain timeframe.

Actual behavior:
App did not ask to resume existing workout. Rather it prompted to start over.

Workaround: After restarting the same workout, use the tab key to skip blocks to get back to where you want to continue. Depending on how long it takes you to resolve the computer issues, you may want to rethink the rest of the workout session anyway, because of the involuntary extra recovery time you got.

(Not really that commonplace nowadays anyway, unless you have hardware issues. And loss of teh internets shouldn’t stop a workout but rather just remove all the other avatars, right?)

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Thanks for your reply Anna - the workaround is fine for overall workouts, but then I miss the data that is then sent to Strava and the workout data that Zwift sees will be partial (only completed second half). I’m a data kind of guy, so having this missing info bugs me.

Unfortunately, just because something doesn’t occur frequently (perhaps ever in your case) developers need to consider all use-cases. This shouldn’t be that difficult to solve. Zwift leaves stub files in cache and, per my example above, Zwift sees the first half of the workout prior to the crash, the team should be able to piece together that I was in the middle of a workout and ask to resume where I left off (as close as possible).

Sure, in a world with infinite dev resources…

Absolutely right! Hence a feature request. I have no idea where it falls on Zwift’s priority list, if at all. I’m sure their team has telemetry signaling to them how many crashes or network drops are occurring that result in failed ride recordings. And then, I’m sure they also have the data stating that of those crashes that users experience, this % of users were doing a workout.

I know devs and the business have their own priorities. This doesn’t discount a poor user experience, though.

Have you tried uploading the lost activity to strava?

Not in this instance, but i have in the past. Also not ideal as you have to modify the xml and potentially have to splice two files together to make one .fit / .tcx file manually.

Love the work around ideas; this is however a feature request for a better user experience.

You can use to combine files.

Even if there is no data you still get stronger. :sunglasses: