recent software update bug

Software ran fine until today.  Ran the update.  Software crashed and auto rebooted my computer during workout. then during a different work out that I started after the reboot, just stopped registering my neo trainer and wahoo canfence sensor.  restarted software then just fine.  

One, why not allow users the option to opt out of updates.  I dont need your new features.  Would rather wait till u work the bugs out.

two, there is no option to start a workout in mid workout by pointing at the rep.  that would have allowed me to resume.


Please fix this.  what was rock solid, is now buggy and finnicky.  a real shame.

Hi Michael. Sorry for the troubles.

You can press the tab key to skip sections of a workout that you may have already done, and in that way you can resume where you left off.  You can also use the ‘skip’ button on Zwift Mobile Link to do the same.

As for a crash, it doesn’t appear that we’ve logged any increase in crashes since the update - it could just be coincidental timing.  Are you on a laptop?  The only ‘reboots’ I’ve seen triggered by Zwift are from the machine getting too hot - otherwise Zwift should have no way of rebooting a computer.

With software where you are connected to our ever-changing servers, updates will always be mandatory.  The ability to defer updates will come, but it will have a time limit.  This is how our iOS version works currently and I think it will go a long way to addressing your concern once it comes to the desktop computers.