Recovering a Ride Not saved

I just finished a ride and attempted to press menu to stop it and save it. I was unable to do so because the screen was frozen. I pressed back and got the message “would you like to resume?”

I thought about this. I did not want to resume but assumed I would be asked if I want to save or discard my ride. I said no to resuming which deletes the ride. Odd that if you do not resume the ride is deleted without asking if you want to save it.

Is there any way to get it back?

Hi @Jonathan_Rose_YGK welcome to Zwift forums.
Please see our support hub article on when your session didn’t save.

The session wouldn’t have uploaded cleanly if the usual save & upload was interrupted for some reason. An crash of the game app or OS are two possibilities. Flaky internet is another.

Rebooting your cable / DSL modem and WiFi router are two easy steps to take that might help a flaky internet connection. Powering off and restarting the computer / tablet might help a flaky app hanging issue.

If this continues to be a problem, please email us at and we can have you send us log files so we can look into what’s happening at your end.