Problems with the gradient graph in London


The same elevation gradient problem the other day in London. Seems to be always the london climbs. It started on the first of this course then remains persistent.
Apple TV, Tacx Neo Gen1. Doesn’t effect actualy gradient/resistance on the trainer. Graphic only.
Happy to provide .fit file if that helps.

Been the same for over a year, it’s never getting fixed!


Same as the disappearing buildings in Crit City, it’s a graphical bug they don’t care about.


Still here:


ZHQ doesn’t seem to care.

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It’s never going away.

So… is this basically just how it is for London? It doesn’t seem like it should be that hard to fix…?

you must be new here :slight_smile:

I think the coding behind London must be a bit of a disaster or they’d have fixed this long ago. there are other weird oddities like the climb increasing in 7 feet chunks instead of every foot like everywhere else.


The thing is, it USED to be fine. Zwift did something to make it broken.

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Yep, happens a lot with updates, they fix something else or add something new and something else seemingly random breaks.

Does anyone else go to reach for their towel when riding outside sometimes then remember they’re outside? or is that just me?

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Not only in London. And sometimes I try to switch the fan on when riding uphill IRL. And I´m missing the “carrots” like “I could buy the new wheels with only a few more drops and XP” …

Sorry, this is getting a bit off-topic. Please fix the gradient graph!!!

oops posted this in the wrong thread! meant to post it in this one

Impressive that this is still an issue

It seems getting this fixed is an uphill battle! :wink:


The black grade block that shows current and upcoming grades just climbs off page when climbing high enough. I use it for shifting before getting to an incline. When on a long climb of several hundred feet, the block just goes off of the top of my screen and becomes a black rectangle with no upcoming grade information until you descend far enough that it starts showing data on the screen again. I reported this bug to support last year with pictures, but obviously they don’t feel this is an important enough issue. I use a Windows 10 laptop. Anyone else find this annoying?

Really old issue that’s been reported many times. Search the forum a bit and you’ll find that Zwift don’t seem to be at all interested in fixing it, even though it worked originally.

A “known problem” with no action since May 2020.

I think the problem is something to do with how the city bit is joined to the hilly bit and that the person that coded it must have left Zwift a long time ago and for them to try and unpick the code to work out why it is broken would probably be harder than just rebuilding the whole world and I can’t see them doing that.

IT will remain broken forever is my guess.

Actually it happens all over the London map, you just won’t notice it as much because it’s fairly flat in the city section. I noticed last night as I was coming up Whitehall that the gradient block was a lot bigger than it should be for a 4-5% climb compared to other worlds, but before it had a chance to get any larger, we’d already reached the top and it reset to normal again.