Problems with the gradient graph in London

Yeah, sorry I meant that they way they join real GPS for the city bits to the hilly bits somehow breaks it for all of them.

It is really annoying because i really like London but I use that gradient bit a lot for climbs to know what gear to be in for what is coming up.

It also adds climb in multiples of 7 feet which they all used to do but now only London does. Something is messed up with how they calculate altitude for the London map.

The issue with the gradient previously flagged several times has not been corrected in the latest update.

Is anyone able to confirm that someone is aware of this or it is being looked into?

It is really annoying as I use this to see what gradient changes are coming up which can sometimes be hard to see just by looking at the screen.

As of my last ride in London a few days ago (2021-03-14), the elevation on the map was still way off the screen.
I find this annoying too since I use the upcoming elevation to judge efforts. If I’m standing on a steep part and getting tired so want to site for a break but see that the gradient lightens up shortly (ie, another 30 secs), I’ll push to that then take a break. But with the gradients off the screen, its hard to know where I can break and where I will need to put in extra effort.

Here is an image from a few weeks ago, on Leith Hill (but this happens on Box Hill as well).
London MiniMap Elevation

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I have the same issue. I’m using win10 desktop with Nvidea graphics card.

This is clearly a bug.

It is a bug Zwift does not seem to care to fix.

When going up box hill the gradient chart in the top right corner of the screen goes right off the top of the screen.

I’m in windows 11 4k display if that makes any difference.

Tale as old as time

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Why isn’t it fixed then…

Did a quick search couldn’t find any bug reports although admittedly didn’t spend ages searching.

I saw it was like this back in march when I first got zwift but just happened to be riding box hill again tonight so thought I’d create a bug report…

No doubt people will link 10 or more other reports of it below now :confused:

It was moved to known issues and reported as a bug back in Jun 2020

It will never be fixed, if it was fixable they would have fixed it by now.


It’s not a bug it’s a feature :slight_smile:


Hi Shuji,

Do you know if there’s any update on this? This bug is now a year and a half old and is VERY annoying when doing this route, as you can’t prepare for what’s coming next as you can’t see it.

I’m not being funny, but as this directly affects riding ability due to the point above (i.e. it’s not just an aesthetic glitch), this is actually quite a major bug and one that should surely be fixable.

I’m sure the community would appreciate knowing how close to the top of the bug list this is.

Thank you.


The unofficial update (my guess!) is that the code is too hard on the London course to unpick and fix so it will remain “known” forever but will not be fixed.

It also really annoys me too - i use the gradient graph a lot to know what gear to be in etc, i used to love the hilly bits of the London course but it is ruined now. I have made my peace with it never being fixed but it is a real shame.

When I first got a smart trainer to get through the winter of 2020, I decided to do the full PRL as one of the first events I did. Someone put me up to it. It was silly. Anyway, I saw the gradient graph and I was pretty confused at first!

Anyway, I just was on a different London route, and I saw that the issue hadn’t been fixed. I came back to forum to reminisce about all those times up Box Hill not being able to see the gradient ahead of me. It’s not game breaking at least, and I have full faith that they will fix this Zoon.

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I’m admire your optimism