Silly things that annoy you about Zwift (Keep it light and Fun)

This is definitely not a place for major grievances like bugs or glitches or crashes or anything like that.

It is a place for light hearted and tongue in cheek annoyances you get with Zwift.

I thought of this as I got an aero boost going up the Alpe earlier - very annoying, then got another one at the second point up the climb and finally got a feather when i made it to the top!! just my luck!

so what silly things annoy you?

when i ride in richmond, i see the repeating people in the crowds. for some reason, i can’t stop seeing it.


A few days ago I was doing a workout/recovery ride, in the middle of a long zone 1 interval I lost ANT+ signal. Turns out my wife used the microwave, the kitchen is right above my setup in the basement. I paused the workout after a few seconds, once the signal was restored I resumed the ride. At the end of the 60 minute interval I got no stars awarded and no XP.


I hate how the lighting in London is such that I can rarely/never get a good selfie using camera angle 4; I usually have to resort to 7, which is less than ideal.

Same lighting problems in Paris, and a good selfie is made even more challenging as the orange and blue barriers which are everywhere often clash with my kits and bike.


No lap counter at the top of Ventoux. I keep losing track of my reps.



Riding a Rebel Route and missing one of the last turns.


Here are a few items that bug me:

Reverse climb in Titan’s Grove shows an average grade of something like 6.6%, yet there is not a single part of the climb that is over 6%.

The ‘wall sign’ at the fork in the road at the windmills in Watopia shows 6.4km to the Italian Villas, but it is more like 4km.

Riding in London there is always a guy ‘moonwalking’ near Harrod’s.

Similarly in Richmond, as you near the top of the hill approaching the finish straight, there are people who walk in from the right side and then start ‘moonwalking’. After a few laps there are multiple people doing this.

I ride a Tacx Neo and when I start a ride in Paris the cobble feel is INSANE! It is not so bad on subsequent laps, so it must be something about the start.

In Watopia the cobble feel disappears through the Italian Villas if you are in the ‘transition area’ going to or from the Volcano.

There are some other items, too, but I’ll stop for now. There are a lot of little items in the game, though, that you’d think they could correct pretty easily.


In real life, I have legs like tree trunks and typical arms. On Zwift, I now get the skinny avatar, with arms and legs like toothpicks. I feel like I should put on another kilogram, just to get the normal avatar back.


Riding my +3000$ Smartbike up the Alp at 110% FTP and getting passed by a Zpower rider on a 100$ dumb trainer like I was hitting the brakes.

Crossing the line at the top with a new PR just to realize the before mentioned rider was 5 minutes quicker ( not even Pantani would get up this quick )

Finally gets the awesome 10XP “power up” as a reward for my effort.

Happened several times and is actually so absurd it’s great fun :grin:



It’s worse when someone casually jogs past while you’re struggling up a 13% climb!! Haha


Oh, yeah. The 10XP power up is always annoying!


Wowee! That sounds weird… :joy: wanna get a little muscle back​:ok_hand::+1::muscle:

Lol yes! That is so funny!!! I remember when I was going up and a runner passed me and I’m going 304watts and he passes me up like it’s nothing​:laughing::joy:


First time I ever rode… I was on my TREK speed concept and I pulled on the brakes cause I was afraid I would crash with another biker! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


My avatar deliberately pulling out from the draft.

And, yes, that measly 10xp “bonus”


Fun fact, no one has ever gotten the big XP bonus. Zwift is trolling us all!



Actually I get 1000XP almost every single time on the top now… after having reached level 50 :thinking::grin:



there’s always that one guy pushing the “hammer time!” sound effect a million times in the starting pen of a race.


Graphic detail in France ggrrrrr. When France came out, I was so busy admiring the sprinklers and rainbows in fields that I got seriously dropped from a race. Next race I was smart and avoided those but then was studying how they engineered the beams of light coming through the trees … again I was dropped.


When I see users on course (whose IRL cadence sensor must be on the fritz) “coasting” up AdZ or whatever horrific climb I’m doing :grimacing:

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