Annoying ppl sounds of London

Hi guys. Small suggestion from avid zwift lover. Can u please turn off or lower it down that unpleasant people’s talk and voices at London? Like in real life even if u ride in the middle of 5 million ppl city u don’t hear that. Even at wattopia sounds were better before… sounds of nature, road and bike. So these ppl sounds feel like we are watching a movie about person who hears the voices in their head. This is 100% good intentions advice which many zwifters will appreciate. Keep up awesome work there guys! Zwift totally rules! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the feedback, I will pass the suggestion along to my team. In the meantime you may want to consider lowering your 3D World Volume, in your the setting section of the menu, to eliminate the talking.

I guess it may be the contrarian in me but, I kinda like the spectators volume going up as the rider approaches them.

I can understand some riders may find the spectators ‘shouting’ a little annoying, but in races on the road, where the real spectators’ numbers build up, crowd noise amplifies. The spectators are often less than a couple of feet from the action, giving everything they’ve got to motivate their rider. 

To me, the volume makes it more life-like.

Just sayin’  :slight_smile:

The road chatter from bricks/cobbles is BY FAR more irritating than the voices, in my opinion. Gotta have the TV remote handy for Mute.