Constant buzzing noise from App when riding, is this 'road noise'?

Hi, I’m fairly new to using Zwift. When I am riding I get a constant ‘buzzing’ noise from the Zwift App. Is this supposed to be ‘road noise’, it increases as other riders pass me or I pass them.

I don’t think I have ever heard any sort of buzzing noise. Can you provide a complete rundown or your setup, especially what sort of speakers you are using, that would be helpful.

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There is definitely a new “road noise” sound that came with the latest update and all the other sounds they added/changed/updated.

I personally don’t care for it, glad I can turn down the sound fx.

Did they add freewheel hub clicking sounds when we coast?

Hi Nigel, I am using a just Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e. I would record it and post it on here, but not sure we can attach files to these posts?

As Mike said, it’s the new normal, it’s a new sound that was introduced recently.

You can control the sound effects volume to a certain extent through the menu and Settings. Or just turn down your speakers/TV/earphones/etc.

I just realized that I had not noted this new sound because I’ve had my volume turned down! (I’ve been watching races on GCN+ while riding.) I just checked it out and, WOW!, is that annoying. I think I’ll be keeping the sound off until that is changed. (I also can’t believe it’s taken a bit to have a comment on this.)

It does seem to be somewhat related to the proximity of other riders (sound abates to some degree when no riders are around), but I still can’t figure out what this sound is supposed to be ‘simulating’.

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Sometimes it seems to overlap with another rider’s sound, creating an odd reverb effect that isn’t pleasant.

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Hello Gents, thanks for your comments. I’m glad it is not just me that can hear this noise. Its a shame to have to turn the sound down as Zwift market their App as an ‘immersive environment’ to enjoy. Sights and sounds, as I said, I’m new to Zwift, but I am going to have to turn this annoying buzz off.

@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ is it possible to move this thread to the ‘Bugs and Support’ section?

@shooj : Can you flag this one up? This new sound is, well, annoying and a bit overwhelming.


Agreeing with the sentiment in this thread so far.
While I positively prefer some of the sound changes introduced in November – and I know I’m in the minority there – this constant rumble, which I assumed is supposed to be the sound of rubber on tarmac/dirt, detracts from the Zwift experience for me, too.
Most of my Zwift time is spent in large groups. Perhaps it’s my ageing hearing, but this blanket sound now masks the details of everything else, which is a pity.

If you’re surrounded by 100+ other riders in real life, you don’t hear each tyre/tire equally loudly, but it seems like the volume of the rumble now increases disproportionately even more with the number of riders. Perhaps the sound designers could go back and dial it back in the mix. Subtlety is needed, but this pudding has been over-egged!

What would really be great would be having more control over the sound mix than just the two broad-brush volume sliders (‘Game Sound Volume’ and ‘3D World Volume’) in the menu. Go on, Zwift, give us a little more individual control!

Thank you Roule, and I totally agree with your sentiments.

C’mon Zwift, please can you do something about this ‘road noise’. Otherwise I cannot carry on being a subscriber to what has the chance to be a really useful app. I’m sure I am not the only ‘rider’ that thinks this.