Bike Sounds absent since latest update

(Cleve Waterman 69y/o) #1

Just updated Zwift today (3/30/2018).  Nature sounds (birds, crickets, wind) seem louder than ever but I hear no bike sounds whatsoever.  Riding over asphalt, wooden bridges, dirt - all sound the same, nothing. 

(Cary Sporinsky TeamZF ZHR(F)) #2

I noticed this on the Alps du Zwift route. Sounds are very low and barely audible at 100%. I think they are OK on other routes, I would have to check for sure.

(Stuart Middlecoate) #3

Now you mention it I did notice something not quite normal but couldn’t figure what it was. That was probably it. Not that I’d have heard it over the heavy breathing on the way up.

(Cleve Waterman 69y/o) #4

I was on my way to the Jungle Circuit for a very short recovery ride. Eerily quiet, only wind and birds.  Normally I am immersed in Zwift. The lack of road sounds kicked me straight out. 

(Paul Graham) #5

Yep, here too - just got through checking all my settings.

Bike and usual road noise is absent - missing - not there - way too quiet :slight_smile:

Went up the Alpe yesterday with music blasting so didn’t notice but today going over some recording I made it was actually extremely quiet.

Just went on again on Watopia, 14.30 here in UK and the sound is still off <sigh>

Ride On!  (Quietly for now)

(Paul vd Girdleschberger T@TT) #6

streamed first climb of the Alpe today

no bike sounds but plenty of ‘nature’ and in-game sounds


(Michal Feranec) #7

Agree with the above - no tire sounds at all. This is both on iOS and PC. I really miss the sounds, the experience isn’t all that immersive as before.

(Thomas Schelesny WBR) #8

Same problem here. Glad to hear I’m not alone on this .I submitted a ticket with Zwift. They replied with some instructions which unfortunately had no effect. 

FYI, I’m on a Mac laptop. 


(Michael Sternberg) #9

Same problem here on desktopversion and ios. I submitted also an ticket and the team of zwift will look into it


(Michal Feranec) #10

Can you please let us know what is their response please? Thank you.

(Paul Graham) #11

This was my reply from Zwift, 

As this seems to a problem across iOS/PC/Mac platforms I’m a little tentative in deleting the entire Zwift installation at this point (even if this ends up being the only fix).

Not good after the roll-out of a major new feature.

How was this not spotted pre-release?

(Stuart Middlecoate) #12

I’m 3 rides in without the sounds and to be honest I’ve now forgotten what I’m missing. I’ll probably not like it when they fix it. Lol

(Jed Harrison [BRT]) #13

I’m not getting bike sounds too. 

Additionally, all the text is all very tightly spaced since the update also. On my screen, if you look at ‘MENU’ bottom left (when you click the screen), the ME has no letter space (kerning). Anyone else getting similar?

Also on my settings screen, the road feel button is both on and off and there’s a double layer of text. 

Something’s definitely not right.

(J. H. Edmund Lee) #14

Jed, I had same issue on Apple TV 4k. It also kept playing the startup music - eventually resorted to turning off all world sounds. Hoping it’s better after the April Fools mods go away.

(Cleve Waterman 69y/o) #15

For lack of anything else to do, I went ahead and fully deleted Zwift.  All the folders under Downloads, Documents, and Program Files (x86).  Still no bike tire sounds after re-installation.  

(Michael Sternberg) #16

Same here, after reinstallation, the Problem is still there, no bike Sound.

(Jed Harrison [BRT]) #17

Zwift support got back to me and said they were aware of the issue and were fixing it for a “future update”… not sure when that will be though.

Josie L. (Zwift)
Apr 2, 17:40 PDT

Hi Jed,

Thanks for reporting this. Our team is aware of both these issues, so we will be implementing a fix in a future update.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with?

Member Experience Team

(Paul Graham) #18

Yep, as with Jed, do not adjust your set Zwifters (showing my age with that old TV notice :)  )

"Hi Paul,

Thanks for sending those files in for me. No need to reinstall, you were right to be “tentative in deleting the entire Zwift installation” we recently got word that this is an official bug which means we are going to fix this from our end. I apologize about any inconvenience.

Our team is currently working on correcting the bike sounds, hopefully have a fix soon. In the meantime, I can either keep your ticket on-hold and report back once there’s an or we can close out your ticket.

Let me know what works better for you :slight_smile:

Deven C.
Member Experience Agent"

Ride On! (pretend you’re in space) LOL

(Chris Heseltine-James (Alliance MTB)) #19

I have the same, but also the “controllable” resistance is no longer changing in game, making the ride so much less immersive. I’m running a Wattbike atom. I also updated the firmware for this on the same day… was probably asking for trouble…

(Dave Grohl) #20

Same thing here. 

No bike sounds at all since the alpe du zwift expansion update. I don’t like it at all as it is now. 

Submitted a ticket and gave 'em the wanted log files.

No answer yet, that was three days ago. Will give the team some days over Easter. 

Def. need to fix that. 

cheers Dave