No velo sounds after last update

Hi guys,


since the last expansion update I lost all the velo sounds. All other sounds still there like birds and the klicking noise of the cleats but no more road sounds. Is it a known issue?



Hi, It is a new bug. Better turn in a support ticket.

I have submitted a support ticket.

Yup, I have this problem too, all the environment sounds but no road noise. This is on Windows 10.

Since the last update their are no rider / velo sounds, also missing is the sound going over cobbles & wooden bridges, other sounds such as waterfalls birds are fine, the road sound is absent. I’m just riding in silence, I hope Zwift will sort this problem soon.

Thanks Peter Sharp  AOCC Uk

I just added a trouble ticket as well… I’m using Microsoft Surface and Win10 also… road noise was working until last update… really miss the road sounds as this changes the experience… not as immersive with them!

I submitted a ticket also & I am on APTV4K.  They said they are aware of the issue & its happening across all platforms.  Its pushed me to ride outside & I think I will put my Zwift account on “standby” if this continues…