Cobble and waterfall sounds way too loud


The volume level for sound effects when riding on cobbles and near waterfalls is far, far louder than any other sounds in Zwift to the point where I’d consider it a defect. I understand the need for it to stand out a bit, but the current setup is crazy loud.

This is a problem for everyone trying not to disturb their surroundings, trying to listen to music, using headphones, etc. This is also a common complaint for Youtube/Twitch streamers - the people promoting Zwift. It is bad both on worlds with short cobble sections and worlds like Paris with constant cobbles. The sound is simply far overwhelming anything else going on.

There’s a volume slider for this in the menu, isn’t there?


What I’m addressing is the sound of cobbles relative to every other world-sound. There’s no slider for that. Cobbles are by far the loudest sound in Zwift to an absurd degree.

Thanks for bringing this up Jonas, it’s one of the things I noticed most on this, my first day with Zwift. I couldn’t believe all that noise was coming from the waterfalls, and for so long before and after passing them, as well as the noisy cobbles. I second diminishing those sound effects, good idea.

In the interest of “show - don’t tell”, see @Shane_Miller_GPLama’s stream from today’s TDZ ride in Innsbruck as an example at around the 12:30 mark (youtube id, since links are not allowed: JEANr6XzkAs)

The cobbles are positively deafening.

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Having been near a number of waterfalls, I would definitely say they are LOUD (and the one on Watopia is right next to the road). Cobbles, on the other hand, while definitely jarring don’t really make a lot of sound. Certainly not the cacophony that I hear in Zwift, anyway.

Hi @Jonas_H

I 100% agree. I’ve been asked to search out any posts that deal with this issue, as I have been trying for quite some time to deal with this.

I find that it is most non bitumen surfaces, and the new map around the temple is crazy loud.

I am going to put in a suggestion, and it would be great if you add your comments to it as well.

I looked at @Shane_Miller_GPLama stream as you suggested, and that is exactly the issue, it is very motivation breaking for me, as I’ve pointed out in a support ticket.

I’m going to put in the suggestion ticket what I have tried to help this issue.

Cheers Ian