Sound effect overload

Guys. Zwift is great. But PLEASE tone it down on the sound effects. The sound of wind and bikes is a soothing backdrop, but the addition of loud volume obnoxious side effects on repeat is completely detracting to the game ambience. I’m referring to sounds such as 1) dog barking in Makuri Island village which is 10/10 volume, does not fade as you pass the invisible dog, and is on repeat for a good 2 minutes in a row. 2) Leaf blowing or lawn mowing in the small town in Fuego Flats, which is again the loudest volume, repeats, and does not fade as you pass it.

I recently upgraded graphics and audio card to experience Zwift in better definition, and while the graphics are good, the audio user experience needs significant debugging and user improvement from your software engineers.

As a general principle, look to create audio that improves the realness while also minimizing cacophony. We, as Zwift customers, cycle indoors when we don’t have access to safe cycling routes, when it’s bad weather, winter, or too dark, etc. Zwift provides a great environment for that, but nobody chooses to cycle indoors so they can hear loud sound glitches of barking dogs, lawn equipment, cowbells, and other racket, particularly on repeat.

We look forward to your next set of patches with emphasis on audio experience.

Thank you for your ongoing efforts to make Zwift the premier online cycling platform.

Just turn 3D Sound Volume down. There’s a separate slider for it in the settings. But I agree, some sounds, especially the lawn mowing/blowing sound is quite loud.

But all sounds fade quite quick once passed.

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The problem with turning the 3D sound volume down is that you lose all the ambient sound, like the water, birds, wind, other bikes, etc, which overall are pleasant and engaging.

Sadly, this is correct.

I rode through the villages of Makuri yesterday and focused on the dog barking sounds. Yes, it’s annoying, too loud and present for too long.

Especially when riding the uphill to the castle you are getting barked at a long time.