Happy with Zwift...

(Cary Sporinsky TeamZF ZHR(F)) #1

… but, 

You need to make a new map or two. A couple of new routes is good, but Watopia still get’s over used. Just sayin’.

The sound effects since the last update are the things that might stop me from riding. No kidding. Get some tester’s that ride in first-person and please get it right. No more $%#@! cricket!  


(Mikael Jonsson) #2

Yes… Sound is a joke…
When looking at a move on you’r TV using built in speakers the movie might be good, using a sorrund system the move gets great, same with Zwift, sounds adds so much to the experience…

Stereo sound, fixed sounds on the map (like the waterfall in Italian village) and everybodey gets a muche better ride, AND our blind Zwifters gets a much better experiemce and can use the fixed sounds for there internal map of the island.